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Hello Steem photography enthusiasts.

The wait is finally over (even though you didn't know what you were waiting for). Introducing the @photomag daily competition (cue fireworks and celebrations)

This is a competition like none other before it. Ok, that's not true, it's just like a lot of other competitions on Steem in many ways, but it's better (in my not so humble opinion).

The basics behind this are the usual daily theme, but I want to see more than just single image posts. I mean, good single images will be rewarded, but i'm going to be offering only 3 upvotes a day on the best of the best, so you are going to need to up your game. Fight it out amongst yourselves. Produce the best content you can. I'm talking about describing how you went about taking the photo for example, tell me how you fought off bears in Yosemite just to get that wonderful image.

I would also love to see some great tutorials, photography blogs, item reviews etc. Basically anything photography based will be considered.

"But what do I actually get from this", you may ask. Apart from the warm and fuzzy feeling inside from adding great content to the blockchain, you get the following (if you win)

  • An full upvote from the @photomag trail. This pulls in a curie 5% vote so you are looking at around $4 (damn this crypto bear market)
  • A re-steem on the @photomag account with literally dozens of active followers.
  • A feature in the daily winners post on the @photomag blog.
  • Maybe entry into a weekly post if I decide to do one (I am playing this all by ear at the moment)
  • You will also get a @photomag follow, which, if you keep producing good content, could lead to more upvotes in the future.
  • Maybe you will get eyes on your account from curie curators who follow photomag (me included). That could lead to larger upvotes in the future of course.

What are the Rules?

Pretty straightforward... here are the categories that I am going to start with

  • Monday Macro - show me your best macro shots and tell me about them. Review a macro lens, create a tutorial on macro.
  • Tutorial Tuesday - create a tutorial on something photographic. Any subject.
  • Water Wednesday - water in any form. Same deal as macro Monday; reviews and tutorials on water related equipment would be awesome.
  • Tree Thursday - I love tree and woodland shots. Show me what you have got.
  • Free reign Friday - Whatever you like! - Blogs, photos, tutorials, reviews

Each day runs 00:00 UTC to 23:59 UTC and this competition starts on Monday 27 August

To enter,

  • Re-steem this competition post.
  • Follow @photomag if you don't already and (optionally) upvote this post.
  • Tag your post with #photomag and #photomagcomp tags
  • Title of your post should be along the lines of "Photomag competition - Macro Monday"
  • Have a read of my "Starting a witness" post and if you think what I am doing is good for the blockchain, vote for me here

Content original to Steem will get preferential treatment, and content that you have gone out and created this week will also be given the same treatment. I want to see new, relevant and engaging content here to try to make Steem the go-to place for photographers.

Thanks everyone, and good luck



Please vote for me as one of your witness choices if you appreciate what I do for the STEEM blockchain. We all have 30 votes to cast and this determines who has the responsibility to keep this blockchain going.

You can vote for me here

Or go to

and enter my name and vote


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More competition sounds good! Thanks for setting up a witness node we need more good caretakers of the blockchain. You have my vote.

Great competition! Hope to join but don't have the gadget for a great photo for this. Good luck to all photography enthusiasts and more power to this contest. As I have read your rules I find it really into photography thing and I know more beautiful entry will be in. God bless you.

Here's a photo for share (I did just use my cellphone taking such photo and already made a post for it_ God bless again)



(Photos we're originally mine and also I did some editing using the built-in editor of my Huawei)

it's amazing I really like Macrophotography.
Macrophotography smartphone.
If you want to see some of the results of my smartphone macrophotography, please visit my page @deltasteem.thanks

Annnnnd....... let the games begin!!!!!!

Great! Looks like fun!

Haha, nice one. I'm in for the Tree Thursday. Maybe the Water Wednesday now and then. I live by the mountains. :D

Would something like a travel related post with lots of photography in it be welcomed in the contest? :)

Thanks and keep it up. ;)


Of course, that could easily fall under the a photography blog sort of thing, but i would love to see it more photography focused.

Do we have to use both tags or will one suffice?


Both if you can, but if you only want to use one then #photomagcomp is the one im using to determine the entries for (along with re-steems)


Awesome, thanks!

I wish good luck to this endeavor!!!

This is really exciting! Thanks, @photmag, I'm in!

Upvoted and RSD
also voted you for witness
The contest doesn't officially
start until August 27th, correct?


Sorry for not replying sooner, you are right, the comp starts this week.

Nice! Great choice of themes, most are a little bit different from some of the other contests, and variety is good! Will join in!

Here is my entry @photomag for Tree Thursday



#photomag #photomagcomp

I look forward to submitting my photos to this competition. I see a lot of great challengers. :-)

can extreme close ups count as macro (since i lack a macro lens and they are bloody expensive)? does the photo need to be recent or can it be from a few months ago?