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ice fences (18)m.jpg

Nikon D7000.

This is a photo I caught on a cold day driving by my old family farm. I was fascinated by the ice forming on the old rusty barbed wire. The fence has sentimental value as my father and grandfather had put up the fence about 70 years ago. My father and I worked on keeping it repaired when I was younger. They are no longer here, and one day I will be gone as well, but this fence will probably outlive us all.


Wow! Great rusty photo! It's amazing how symmetrical the icicles are. I've built and repaired miles of is satisfying work.

Thanks. I wouldn't want to have to do it now, but have to admit there was a good bit of satisfaction in that kind of work that I think my kids missed out on.

Ha! I couldn't do it now! But my fences are still standing. No one keeps cattle there anymore, and they have torn down all the old farm buildings, but no one has messed with my fences!!😏

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Fantastic shot

Thanks. More of the right place at the right time, but I like it.

Beautiful picture ✌️

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