Bugs Gotta Eat Too! (iPhone 7+ photos)

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I happened upon a spider and a preying mantis both in the process of packaging up their food yesterday. (Was a strange coincidence.) And since I happened to have my phone in my pocket, I was able to save and share those images.

Both meals are bees... You can see the black and yellow stripes of the wasp's wings in the sack the spider is making in the image below. This "orb weaver spider" is in my friend's garden near her front door. Orb weavers are the most common kinds of spiders, and their family includes almost 3000 species!

enter image description here

Taken with iPhone7+ 56mm telephoto lens, edited on the phone with Snapseed

In this next picture, taken in my friends kitchen, you can see the wings of the bee that the mantis is dragging around behind it. I never knew that the preying mantis would carry it's food, but that's certainly what seems to be happening here. They are known to only eat live insects and this one looked pretty dead to me, so I'm not exactly sure why the mantis was doing that. Looked like tough work, slowly dragging it across the floor.

enter image description here

Taken with iPhone7+ 28mm wide-angle lens, edited on the phone with Snapseed

Thanks for watching.

enter image description here

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