Introducing myself... Gary Yost is now on Steemit!

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Greeting Steemians! I come in peace... and to share my knowledge with all the creative folks in this new community.

I have a long history of inventing tools for animators and also making films and photographs. My wife, daughter and I live at the foot of beautiful Mt. Tamalpais on the San Francisco Bay and I've been using technology to tell complex stories for a long time. My biggest claim to fame? Leading the team that created Autodesk 3ds Max... the most popular 3D animation tool of all time. When I sold the Yost Group to Autodesk in 1997 I jumped headfirst into pursing my original love... photography and filmmaking. Now I spend all of my time exploring the mysteries of my world with my cameras, and revealing what I find in my images and films.

If you'd like to read more about me, it's all in the wikipedia entry here. I'm looking forward to sharing my little piece of this incredible world with y'all!

Me on Wikipedia.

Me (photo from Wikipedia), teaching a photography class in 2014.

Here are some sample images from galleries I'll sharing with you in the future.

Nesting Annas Hummingbirds

I spent three weeks living next to a nesting Anna's Hummingbird and watched her go through the entire cycle, from laying her tiny eggs to forcing the fledgling birds out of the nest on the 21st day. The whole process is so incredible, and so intimate...
and I documented the entire thing.

Lilie Bytheway-Hoy

I've made some very cool music videos.... from this one of the Yassou band, featuring Lilie Bytheway-Hoy to Puddles, the 7'-tall clown (and that one has had over 1.3 million views on

Bowling Ball Beach

I've taught landscape photography, time-lapse filmmaking, and aerial filmmaking for years. This image is from Bowling Ball Beach on the Mendocino coast. I'll share the right time to get there so you can see these stones revealed.

Mt. Emei Citizen

Images from China, films from Fiji, and much more are coming... stay tuned!

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Hi Gary, welcome to steemit!

It's great to have a talented designer / photographer such as yourself here on what I consider to be the social network of the future. I think you will love it here, and do well here. Your photos are great; thanks for sharing!


Thanks Kenny! I'll post my first set of images tomorrow (probably the hummingbird series). You'll love it.

I'm so happy you're on Steemit Gary!
If any one is reading this Gary is an incredible photographer, filmmaker, and visual story teller. He's one of the most creative people that I know, and I'm so excited that he's joined us here!


Anwen, I'm grateful for your invite!

Welcome to Steemit! Excited to see your work!


And I'm looking forward to sharing.... great photos yourself, man, beautiful wildlife images (that snake is incredible)


Thank you very much!

Hello and welcome to Steemit!
This introduction post has been nominated for the @projectnewbie incentive where we try and get new and verified users more visibility on their first post to make it easier to connect to other users!
If you have any questions about it, this is the Announcement Post. Have fun Steeming! :)


Thanks for the nomination, and I understand how important verification and security is to the system. I've added a link to my Steemit page to the External References section of my Wikipedia page, so the two pages are now cross-linked. That ought to complete the verification "circle."

Great to meet you Gary! Following! I'm a voice actor and comedy writer, so I'm interested in your upcoming posts!


I look forward to tomorrow morning's first post!

Welcome to steemit Gary!

You seem like you've lead an interesting life! I hope you'll share some interesting stories with us :)


Thanks and yup... there are a few stories I can share, yes. :)

@yostopia, welcome to steemit. Gary, enjoy the ride and I'm sure you'll be a great success. @runridefly

Welcome, Gary. I have been using 3ds Max now since 2007 it is my tool of choice for creating avatars for a virtual world.
Great to have you onboard looking forward to future posts from you:).


Right on, cryptoiskey... I'm stoked about what y'all are doing here on Steemit. (My friend AnwenB has been trying to get me on here for months... I've finally submitted. :)

Welcome - I'm excited to see what you have in store for us, @yostopia!

Hi Gary, welcome onboard :)
Loving what i'm seeing so far - can't wait what you've in store! Enjoy your stay!

Aloha Gary! So excited to have your passion and skill here on Steemit, I'm a student of photography and I look forward to learning from your posts and enjoying your experiences through your art! :)


Mahalo Nui, Dion! And I have a few unusual posts with images and videos from Hawaii coming up... (stay tuned :)

Great pictures and I love the "Dirt First" shirt! :)

Followed and upvoted. Excited to see more of your work and hear more from you! You seem very peaceful :)


Thanks Randy. (And hey... I live on a mountain in marin county... what reason would I have to not be peaceful? :)

lovely pics you got watching time-lapse films,but how its done I got no clue.
But we'll have more of those please?


Yes of course... more time-lapse is coming, quite a bit of it actually. :)


Bring them on ;)

I was wondering if that was you. I feel like I got to meet 3D royalty. Thanks for upvoting my post. I am a 3DS Max user for many years. Autodesk has made some good improvements this year. I am not great at UVing and the new unwrap is much better. I tend to split up modeling between Max, Modo, And Zbrush. I am learning Clarisse. Nice application. It allows me to use really high poly models without much of a performance hit. Have you tried it? The new version has a PBR workflow that I still don't get. Their materials are not very intuitive. Thanks for this post and your work.


@iamwne Good to see you here... Have you seen Globosome from @geddart yet? He's another 3ds Max artist and made a great post about his wonderful short film today. Re your question about Clarisse... nope, because I'm not working in the 3D genre anymore... all photo and film, which is my antidote for spending so many years living deep inside the machine. See you around!


I have my fingers in film too. I have the story by credit for a project that we are trying to sell.

The market has really changed in the last 20 years. It is hard to get features made. It seems like HBO, Netfilx, Amazon etc are doing more original development work.

From time to time I get a chance to teach too. I have known the founder Peter Rosten for 25 years.

I have to admit that it is all a labor of love for me at this point. Thank you for your reply. It is nice to meet you in such a unique setting.

Hi Gary, welcome to Steemit!

I host a Steemit Photo Challenge every week starting on Thursdays around a theme. This week is "Action (High Shutter Speed)", You can find the post on my blog and links to previous challenges. Would love if you came by, there are a lot of talented photographers using this platform and I think you'll enjoy their work.

Also join us on the channel #photography.

Take care!


Thanks @jamtaylor. I appreciate the invite.

Great shots! And thanks for sharing your story. Look forward to more posts from you in the future.