Lightpainting: Hogwarts Express

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I lightpainted a CP Rail engine yesterday; today I decided to do the same with the Hogwarts Express. HO Scale, of course.


I've had this engine and the two cars it pulls for at least 10 years. Probably longer. Once upon a time I would set this up around the Christmas tree (at Christmas, of course) with my Dept 56 Dickens Village houses. I have way too many houses to do that now, and way too many cats.


Each car is at least twice the length of the engine. I did not take pictures of them, but I might see if I can squeeze them together in another picture.


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(c) Victor Wiebe

(design by remyrequinart:


Great to see this and it certainly looks good.
I have a friend that puts together huge train model scenes in his garage.

I wish I had enough space to lay out a good track. As it is, I just enjoy them when I can. Thanks for stopping by!

We have a live old one that runs past here occasionally and I will soon get some photos of it my friend. I saw it and took photos before, but it was on the other side of the mountain and we are now on this side.
My pleasure to stop by!

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You did a great job with the light painting.

Looks pretty cool! The lighting makes such a huge difference! I went with my kids to a model train exhibition this morning... I don't know anything about it, but they were awesome!

They always bring out the kid in me. My own kids don't have the same sense of wonder and awe in about everything like I do, but I always get a little giddy when I see fun things like this.