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Hello my fellow Steemians. Today I would like to share a small photo story of my yesterday trip to a Wrocław's (Breslau) old city docks. They are located in a Northern part of my city, next to our biggest river Odra (Oder) at the Kleczkowska street. As weather was beautiful this day and no model want to go for a shooting then, together with my GF, we decided to go for a small photo walk. Once a full of life, nowadays it's a place for great photos, but not much happens here now. We have a small talk with a local guard that tells us of some stories about a big fire of silos around, quite famous movie being done around trains or where old master of this land has his tower. We spent there quite few hours in a nice, sunny day and I'm quite happy of the results (especially on an artistic level).

As I'm more a photographer than a tourist I was mainly looking for interesting, uncommon angles and compositions on my photos. For most of you they might look odd, but I hope at least few of them will be interesting for you! Make sure to open images in separate tab, or zoom then in as they have quite lot of a details.

Bellow you can see overall docks with those huge cranes. They were mainy used to move coal from ships, nowadays they just look rusted and unused.


It's a pretty place to have some unique work with a negative space.


Autumn in her best, with my gf looking like a 'The Little Prince' of a Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. I imagine that it could be a good cover for this book actually. Adding a human in photos like that adds a dimension, without it I believe it's hard to decide how big given tree/object is. I also like how it divides sections of the photo.

_O5A2197 1.jpg

Next to this place there was half destroyed building, bombarded during WW2. I love strange compositions I could get there and I was quite fascinated by the colours of the brick. On top of this tower a master of this place was once watching his business. I believe he had awesome view, and he could quite fast get know what is going on around the docks. Nowadays there are few car workshops where you can fix your old car quite cheap, so few car parts in the frame are from those shops.


Remaining's of the tower.


Entry to the building.



It's not a secret that I love cranes, excavators, tractors, and other machines. I believe there is something from a child in me after those all those years. I used to have a lot of fun with small toys, and I loved the yellow-black ones the most. Here is no difference, so when I saw them I knew I have to do few shoots!

This small crane I believe was used to unload ships long time ago. It looks like a piece of a history and monument itself. I was fascinated of the old paint that started to decorticate with time. From closer look it also look like a crane on an old boat, so I would love to add some old captain with pipe in his mouth, some birds in the background and... wuala, perfect sea shoot!



This crane I believe is still used to take sand around. Loved the composition so much that I wanted to share it with you!


This one is my favourite one! There was also few birds flying around and they together looks just perfect! I'm quite happy of few of the shoots, but I think I still can do bit better than this. I believe I will have to try it again with new inspirational hope to make it even better. Was hard to resist not to get onto it, pretty awesome one.





Train standing there is not moving for more than 25 years (from what we've been told). In same train wagons people were transported to a places of doom by Nazi during WW2. This train standing there was used to tell that story in one of the movie, but unfortunately I don't remember the name of the film.


Those newer train wagons are still used to transport coal to a nearby coal plant. Blue wagon with yellow trees around is a perfect combination of complementary colours.


I also found quite a few more inspiring and scary places. Few of them are used by a homeless people during the winter. But most of those places are a mystery to me. I can only try to imagine their purpose back in like hundred years ago.




An old petrol station? Awesome! Why not?


One of last thing we visit was this huge ruined wall, size of it makes an impressive feeling standing next to it. I felt kind of small standing next to it.


Took me longer than expected to put my feelings into words. There are many other smaller places, and different photos that I haven't added there. I can't tell you why, but those ones are the one I would like to share with you. If you are a good observer you will see that they differ a bit in terms of colours that I do on my usual photos. I do liked here a muted blues on those pictures, they tend to emphasise a little more a feeling of a heavy, rusty and dark mood I had when I was visiting this place. If you would be interested in technical details just drop me some question in comments.

Those all pictures were done using Canon 5d mk IV + Sigma Art 35mm 1.4.

That would be enough for today, thank you for stopping by reading my small story and I hope you've liked the photos. Everything the best for you and see you next time!

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I like your pictures. You don't oversaturate them, over-HDR them and over-fake in general. They look natural.
It may be an interesting but quite unofficial news to you that the power plant located near by is setting up a deal to buy this whole harbour area and reactivate it starting from next year. It may be the last opportunity for a shots like those. ;)


Och! That's interesting news, when I think about it I'm not sure should I be happy or sad? On one hand it has a awesome feeling, nothing that can be faked or found anywhere else, on other hand I believe investing there and bringing it back to life would give it a second life. I have to be hurry and make as many shoots as possible then :D

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