Photo Fun Contest: "Framed"

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I've been wanting to join @claudiaz photo fun contest that she has been doing for weeks now. Unfortunately, life always gets in the way. LOL Aside from that, I can't find a good photo to enter her themed contest every time. For this week though, I really tried to make sure I can join in. The theme this time is about anything "Framed". So, I thought about it for a while and found my entry.

This was a photo I took when we were Singha Park in Chiang Rai. At the entrance of the park just near the information building, we saw these cool animal statues with sunglasses on. They also are very on trend because one of them is "dabbing" away. LOL I immediately grabbed my camera to take a photo of it because I find it so interesting and funny.


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My friend, @ruthless, even went in and dabbed along with his new found friend "dabber cow" and he is even wearing a matching "framed" glasses too (Sorry, such a lame name). Also, do you see that little cow just chilling on the roof? 😁


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You might be wondering what this photo got to do with the theme, right?. Well, it is simple. It's because they are all wearing "Framed" Glasses. 😉Anyway, to quote @claudiaz,

This is your contest so you decide how you would like to interpret this word!

This is how I interpret this and it seems like this contest is open to all types of imagination. I hope you enjoy my post and brought smile on your faces.

See you on the next one,



looks very amazing my friend really likes.

Thank you for checking my post. 😊 Have a great day!

friend, if any time please visit my blog there may be a likes.

I already did. I like your dragonfly photo. 😊

thanks my dear friend.

Chiang Rai Province Thailand, I'm sure this is the best place for a vacations. I love this place, btw really nice post! @wincee
#let's be friends

Have you been to Chiang Rai? We were only there for like a day and a half but it was great. 😊

thanks for the entry, lovely photos

Thank you for this fun contest too. I will try to join every week if I can. 😊

that would be really nice, see u soon!

Awesome Work!

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Thank you @yourluckyphotos 😊 Looking forward to the lottery.

Hi @wencee it a nice photo And also i follow you ...

Thank you. I will go check your post too. 😊

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I think it is great that contest makers are starting to run open ended, up to the contestant to interpret the contest makers theme. Nice job, and I think framed, as in glasses would fit framed as a qualified entrant.


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It does qualify right? hehehe I want to be kinda unique in interpreting the theme. The first thing that came to mind actually was framed window, framed door, or just framed view and I thought other people will think that way too. So I decided to put this as my entry to be a little different. :)

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pretty cool cow. Thanks for sharing!
I haven't tried this contest, but I do like your take on it!


I'm glad you liked it. You should join in. The more the merrier. :)

I rarely do portraits of people though, but I will keep an eye out for any wayward cattle (or other animals!)

The photo fun contest has different theme each week. Just check if there is a theme you might be interested in. :)

Thanks for directing me towards this - I guess I'd forgotten about her as I was already following claudia. Actually, I re-edited a picture today that might just suit this challenge. I will post that one tomorrow.

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