My Nieces and the Beach actually make for some Great Shots!! 🌊

in #photography3 years ago (edited)

What's going on guys!?

IMG_1113 (1).jpg

Your local Portuguese steemian here, with a new (attempt at) photography!! 😅 This time I bring you a couple of shots I took of my nieces during the previous summer (baby Luisa and her brother Pedro). They actually live in France and I don't see them that much but I have so much fun when they're around!! This is in Praia da Rocha (Rocha beach, Algarve, Portimão).
They make me feel so much younger despite being almost an official grown-up know (I'll be eighteen this month hehe)!!
I thought the lighting was sooo nice and although I used my phone to shoot these I think they came out pretty decent! What do you think??
(Make sure to click the image for full-size viewing)

(Hmm No thats not the moon, it's actually a moving football 😅)

(My older niece, Pedro, probably threw this at me after the shot)



All photos taken using the iPhone 6.

As always, Have a great day!! 🙃


I love silhouette photos. Youve done well!

Me too! Thank you ver much :)

These are just beautiful. Keep up the good work!

Thank you :) I will definitely try!!!

They all pretty.
Nice one.

Appreciate that :)
Cheers mate!!

great photos, it looks serene.. and with the photo of your niece she looks so cute..

It was veery peaceful :) They're both reaaally cute!!
Cheers mate!

Nice photos, love the silhouette effect.

Thanks a lot :)
Cheers mate!!

This photos are so beautiful and cute! They will grow very fast. Enjoy!

Obrigado!! I know they will!! Just enjoying the time while they arent annoying teenagers like me haha
Cheers! Cumprimentos!

Ahah good one! :D :D Cheers!

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