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Hi everyone!
How are you all doing? I really hope that you're all alright?
Please leave a comment and let me know where you are all from! ^_^

Anyway, I'd like to share some pictures of the current city that I am living in!
Some of the photo's were also taken by my fiancee @alcklatiainasia
(Please go and check her out!) around about 05hr or there around on
Monday 21st Aug 2017

This is the Tay road bridge which is the main road in and out of Dundee.

Again here is another photo of the Tay road bridge and also a little photo-bomber! xD

This bridge that you can see is the Tay Rail Bridge.

I totally love the views from the Dundee side of the bank, esp in the early hours! n_n

Here's some nice pictures of the Dundee rail way from a overlook near Tesco.

I'm unsure what this road is called but it's always alive with rabbits bouncing here and there! ❤

I totally love these little hedgehog statues that are creeping up the wall so I had to share them with you all! ❤

And this final picture of this area is part of the Dundee University before it's jammed packed with students!

for taking the time to check out this post!

Anyway, if You've enjoyed my post, please check out my other posts as I will be posting as often as I have time to! ^_^

Thanks to @arbitrarykitten for letting me us this gif! ❤

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A little advice! Use the city the photos are from as a tag as well as #scotland also add a description of what we are looking at so we can see the photos and why you guys took them or what you liked about them. People are more interested in posts that come from the heart and soul rather than random photo dumps like tsu and rabadaba. I hope my advice helps you.
Lovely photos though bro!

Ahhh thanks a lot sis, yep your advice is always appreciated! :D I have just edited everything, it's 03:35 here at the moment so I'm not really awake very much! xD lol.. And thanks sis :D

This post looks a lot cleaner now with the captions! Way more personal bro. I am sharing this to twitter and facebook again 😊