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Asian Elephants in Captivity

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It is sad to see elephants endangered especially since every time in recorded history, unless the extinction of elephants can be predicted and prevented, it may not be possible avoid.
You mentioned briefly the plight of the Native American People. Who's to say Native Americans are indigenous to the U.S. ? If ever there could be an example of human zoos, Reservations may qualify. Think about it. Animals are taken from their native lands and placed in zoos. Does not a Reservation represent human populations displaced from their native habitat in favor of Nation Building? Fortunately with the advent of the internet (this medium) Elephant populations as well as all other populations including human ones can be better monitored and their predators brought to justice.

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good point @virtus-q the Native American people, like all humans alive today originated from Africa. They took a long time to get there. Ongoing studies suggest that all Native American People, North Central & South came to the American continent between 50k-17,000 years ago. I'd say that makes for indigenous and your comment about reservations is interesting. My article was not really about the Native American people, but I used them as an example of how to live sustainably for thousands of years, using nature's resources carefully so that time replenishes them ;) Hopefully better monitoring of people, Elephants, Frogs and Orchids will mean that our Grandchildren will enjoy living in a world still rich in nature.