nice your photography post

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Thank You! ⚜

Interesting tutorial, it is amazing what you can do to an ordinary picture with digital enhancements!

It really is amazing, thanks for your comment!

Beautiful shots!!

Really cool photo! Thanks for showing all the steps to greatness ;0)

Thanks and you're very welcome! I love how simple and fast it is.

This is rad! Those flowers are beautiful, do you know what kind they are? This also opened my eyes a bit to the beauty of photo-enhancement.... perhaps I should try it with pictures I fuck up more often, sometimes they just dont shine as bright as I would like, but maybe I could fix it?

Unfortunately, I'm not aware of the type of flower. It was a common weed in England in early spring. Looking at the leaves, I feel it's related to the primula/primrose, but I'm not sure.

I like to salvage pictures which make me say "almost"... Usually, I take enough pictures that one of them is usable, but sometimes, it just doesn't work out that way.

The color depth certainly eventually comes out.

Yes. It just took a bit of coaxing. Today's post highlighted the blue color a bit more.

It did. And a bit more of the green as well.

Awesome tutorial, @viking-ventures especially for noobs like me who knows nothing much about photo editing. Will check out Photoscape! Thanks! :)

Besides the ease of use, it's the only free software (other than GIMP) I've found where you can correct that 1-degree tilt you had when you took the picture. (I've been known to correct at 0.25 degrees.)

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