Ancient Cemetery Complex in Trumon

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An ongoing scientific study to detect ancient ports and settlements on the western and southern coasts of Aceh is on the banks of the Indian ocean. The western and southern coastal regions of Aceh are a place that is always visited by European nations, an area that is preoccupied with the spice trade of plantation products during the period of Aceh Darussalam kingdom in the middle ages.

The 4-member team is @keuudeip as the lead researcher, @vannour as a photographer, and two research assistants @safar01 and @abelpasai. The present study is a preliminary survey to detect the potential to determine the point in subsequent research.

Narratives and scientific studies are done by @keuudeip, while I only upload photos to the public, especially on Facebook Group MAPESA ( @mapesa ) "MASYARAKAT PEDULI SEJARAH ACEH (Aceh Historical Concern Society)". All photographs in the course of scientific research sponsored by @mapesa are free license for the benefit of science.

Ancient Cemetery Complex in Trumon

An ancient cemetery complex located in Keude Trumon village, South Aceh, fenced by concrete structures. To get into that ancient cemetery complex, we have to climb 4 steps which on the right side look like an old well that has been clogged. On the right side of the entrance there is a building of different concrete structures, inside there are two tombs. Beyond the cemetery area, a large tree grows, seems to be hundreds of years old.

We can't confirm the age for all the tombs there, but can be estimated in the 18th-19th century range. Art, shapes, ornament, and calligraphy, typical typology of the Aceh Darussalam kingdom era. The entire gravestone uses sandstone material.

To my knowledge, there has been no scientific study by any party about the Arabic inscription texts on this cemetery, as well as its ornaments. Of all the graves, we only give special concentration for 3 graves, 2 which have Arabic inscription and 1 grave which has beautiful ornament.

Here are some photos:

Funeral Complex

The gravestone contains ornaments

The gravestone containing Arabic inscription

The gravestone containing Arabic inscriptions in a special building

An ancient well that has been clogged

Let's go home

Please see my old post about a trip for scientific research sponsored by @mapesa.

Photos taken with Canon EOS 6D


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It’s amazing the bang @vannour thanks to the hard work of the team especially sir teachers @keuugdeip and senior @Abelpasai @safar01 .Hopefully @mapesa and @cisah can be known by the world

Notice the history of your people, for your future
History serves as a confirmation of the heart
History serves as a teaching
History serves as a warning
History as the source of truth
About the future view of human as the owner of the Nation there is a pessimistic, optimistic, atomistic, and socialist. For Islam, the future of man is responded with two attitudes. First, Islam does not regard the past as pessimistic in total. Secondly, Islam is not so cynical about human nature. In other words, Islam views the future of human beings with optimism
This view of the future is closely related to the understanding of the laws of history. The laws of history have a very close relationship with the Book of God in its position as a holy directive that will lead man from darkness to the light of truth.
(Riwang jak puga rauh yg kane Puga, neukubah le indatu, jak seteot tapak Indatu .. bekjeut to the generation that remove incit tapak rauh indatu)

I am very happy to see the journey of @mapesa in the Expedition of Muhammad Ghauts Saiful 'Alam Syah this and which made my heart flowering to see the results of this expedition journey is very remarkable.congrulations

The great history, the great culture, the great nation. Love this @vannour


Neu tamah tagging #promo-aceh saboh. Peunteng

very good, @vannour
Before I did not know there was a grave history in that place, because no one has talked about the existence of a tomb relic in darussalam.
thanks for sharing

Thank you for taking part in this months #culturevulture competition. Good Luck

The secrets of Aceh's history must be summarized to state that Aceh has a real history

Hope enjoy your explore and find more secret world at aceh. Thank for share it.

God post


rencana ukeu ekspedisi sungai Alas mencari bukti, kontak masyarakat pedalaman dengan pesisir


Peu ka di Banda?


ya, nyoe di elcom

Wow. Incredibles.

Incredible, you have made me very jealous @vannour