The Drunken Snowman!

in photography •  last year  (edited)

Well we finally had one warm(ish) day where the snow was melting a little. Just enough to build a small snowman to watch over our driveway and welcome visitors.

We left him standing tall looking quite normal for a snowman.

He sat starting at the sunset calm, quite and what we thought was going to be a quiet night for him.

However, as you can tell from this photo in the morning a couple days later, this snowman is obviously up to partying and way TOO much Stohi or Winter Queen Vodka in the wee hours of the night when no one is around to see him.


That snowman's got one BAD HANGOVER!

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@unipyscho I am trying to use your autosteem app and I don't seem to be able to make your autovote filters work, can you let me know if its still functional?

I've voted for steemit friends

thanks very much!

@unipsycho - Sir he looks like a sinking snow man :(


He's still standing a couple days later, but his head is almost on the snow, I have no idea why he hasn't fallen apart yet, lol!

New follower as of this post and new to Steemit. Very cool. I wished I lived in an area with snow for a few weeks a year. I live in forever summer California.

wow cool, very beautiful amazing, thanks for sharing my friends @unipsycho

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