Silverton Falls 📷

in photography •  2 years ago 

Silverton falls is a descent looking cascade waterfall just off a trail to rockbound lake in Banff. We stopped by there on the way out after a very long day of hiking so just took a few photos and didn't really explore the area much.

You can tell from the steep cliffs though, that this is going to be pretty tough to explore anyway.


I'm going to go back in the dead of winter with some ice gear and see whats up above the falls, hopefully some more smaller areas of ice flows, pools and icefalls to check out. These kind of places always amaze me in the winter so looking forward to checking that out.

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Really good place to climb. Regards

So beautiful..
I want to go there one day to relax.

Its a bit of a hike up steep grade, so its not relaxing getting there, but definitely sure is when you arrive!

Beautiful place.

If the image looks like this!

How he will be present?

Thank you for your votes.

Beautiful images of a beautiful place! You've got great photos! If you have some free time I would really appreciate if you would check out my photos! Keep it up! :-)

Such a fantastic photo clicks @unipsycho. Silverton falls is a fabulous looking. Proud to be in environment.
Resteem your post.

Excellent smooth waterfall captures you upload.
Great work.. you showing proud of nature to us.

@unipsycho - Oh my goodness, Sir it's beautiful.... To get more audience, I wish to ReSteem your post.

+W+ [UpVoted & ReSteemed]

Wow.... amazing & awesome cascade waterfall photography @unipsycho. You taken both photos very smartly.
Have a nice day!!

One of the greatest nature beauty you just photo shot properly! Amazing photography friend!


fantastic photography & impressive experience @unipsycho


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So beautiful!!!! I love it :D

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These photos look very erotic @unipsycho :-)

absolutely beautiful waterfall. I think waterfalls are amazing such majestic force and beauty. When I look at a waterfall i feel total freedom. Thanks for sharing such beauty.

Thank about fotography, follow me