Hiking Photos - Trying to Beat the Snow Storm 📷

in photography •  20 days ago 

With pockets of blue sky and above freezing temperatures, a hike was in order (well, I hike regarless of what the weather does actually).

Click any images for larger versions!

However, its great to get someone new and capture some photos without losing visibility. First sound this campsite, hidden away deep in the woods completely unknown or unmapped. Nice spot with a view over the ridge.


These front range mountains in kananaskis have some awesome views at the many open grass slopes higher up. Well worth getting here for some photos.

Much farther and higher up, the wall of snow appears to be approaching!

And of course, just in time for lunch, the snow starts. Haha, never fails. Oh well, still comfy in a hammock and all my extra laters on.

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Nice Pics!!!

thanks! It was fun getting out there to take them.

Beautiful place!