Flying a Paramotor in the Foothills of the Rockies 📷

in photography •  14 days ago 

You probably already know I love the wilderness, landscape photography and all things adventure outside. Well, I took up paramotoring this summer and have been absolutely loving the flying and freedome it provides from the skies. Here are some photos of an epic foothill flight with 8 pilots on Saturday morning. We had a perfect morning with favorable winds and some beautiful landscape to fly over and enjoy.

Click the images to view large versions!

I'm coming in behind another pilot to snap some photos of him.


Ah, the classic view flying side by side another paramotor.

5 or 6 other gliders in view down in this photo, do you spot em?

I love looking straight down at the ground.

What a landscape. WOW!


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I was stunned for a moment! What a great landscape and I wish one day I could be there! Wish this wonderful will remain as this is for thousands more years too!


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For sure, I love the wilderness and hate to see it disappearing.

For sure, I love the
Wilderness and hate to see
It disappearing.

                 - unipsycho

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Wow simply stunning would love to try this one day. Landscape it so beautiful in it's fully glory. Thanks for sharing 💯🐒