Big Elbow Trail Near Banded Peak, Kananaskis - part 1📷

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Its been a while since I posted, but I've still been out hiking regularly, although now in the snow. This day hike was a few weeks ago, and was an end of season bike and hike where we biked out 10km, then hiked 10km, then biked back 10km.

Bike and hikes are great to get further into the back country all in one day as you can cover some ground much quicker, at least in areas there there is a reasonable bike access without too much elevation gain.

Anyway, I came across this very cool waterfall, that I didn't even know was on the trail and it was a pretty stunning and colorful wall of rock.

NOTE: Click any images to view a large format!


It was an easy approach through a trail in the wood along side this creek, which I prefered to boulder hob along the water's edge for the more open view.

It was easy to see the canyon walls closing in somewhat as we went upstream.

This slide was really weird to me, it was rock, but 100% wet (the whole dark area) and if you stepped on it, you would slowly sink in like thick quicksand, despite it being all tiny rocks. I've never seen a slope like that before that hadn't slid away more. I guess the creek washes away whatever slides down it.

A couple of panoramas from the waterfall in the first photo. It was a good size, you can see my hiking buddies on the far right of the photo.

I couldn't quick get behind this one, at least not without getting soaked!

Up above the falls we were able to reconnect on a trail and keep trekking on. I'm standing just in front of Threepoint mountain, another on my list to do sometime.

You can really see that wet rock/soil slope from up above. Some of the water from the upper creek must flow around the bedrock underground and seep out this slope. Its all above the same height as the waterfall, which is over the cliffs below me to the right in this photo.

Unfortunately, the skies turned dark and we faced a bit of harsh winds for a while before reaching a destination in the valley at the far right of photo. Lots of upper ridges now above the creek and tons of oddly shaped trees from the winds in the area.

I'll put up some from the rest another day, I hope you liked the photo series! Please feel free to comment and follow for more!

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Beautiful scenery all around, always nice when there is a surprise around the corner.

I'm glad you'er posting again. Hope everything is ok with you :)

Thanks man, ya I've not had enought time lately, even to load my photos from hiking trips, but I will continue to post when I have a chance. Good things keeping me busy though so I can't complain.

yes, i have never climbed the mountain but i am so amazed with the adventurous spirit of you i think your soul has blended with nature

I hope someday, you'll have a chance to explore some trails in the mountains. There many you don't have to CLIMB to the top to enjoy the awesome terrain!

hopefully, do you have a plan to climb the mountain in my country Indonesia @unipsycho?

No plans, but it'd be a beautiful place for hiking, I'd love to go there someday.

have a nice day friend

We hope to follow in this series very beautiful
great post

Thanks tisko for the comment, followed back.

youre welcome

Wow...waterfalls stunning my heart. other ones giving happiness to my life. Really enjoyed..Nice travel experience @unipsycho.

After a long long time, I could see another great set of photography of wonderful nature again!


Yes, it has been a while. I've been very busy with work lately, so not much time for steemit, but glad to get a few posted again. I've had a few days in the mountains and haven't even loaded my pics to my computer yet either! haha. At least I'm still getting out to the woods.

Perfect nature clicks @unipsycho.
Nature is awesome. Resteemed.

Thanks again madushanka, appreciate the comments and support so often, it was another great day in the wilderness for these!

nice photos
I love you nature

This is magic of the nature. Beauty waterfalls, mountains, rain forests wonderful....Great adventure @unipsycho.

It sure is my friend and when all of that is on an unknown/unexpected trail, it is so much the better! cheers!

nice photos great place.

Thanks @voltronluis for checking out the photos and your comment.

Those are beautiful images. That sticky Rocky slope sounds very weird to me too. Almost sounds like man-made gravel, or asphalt.

ya, I've never come across it in the wilderness before. Kind of a muddy rock I guess, as hard as rock, but sinky like quicksand. I just about lost my shoes when i stepped in it! haha

Almost lost a shoe? Yikes... kinda sounds oily... maybe higher salt? I'm gonna mention it to the next seemingly qualified person I meet. Lots of rock hounds here in LA area.

I just noticed lots of trees around there. Maybe some of the tree sap gets in there somehow. I can see it also in that picture you have from above.

very good photos..

Beautiful landscape!!!

Thanks cookingwichzumi! I totally agree, even with grey skies, it has so much to show off still!

Very beautiful photography !

thanks prizm, I try my best to capture the awesome scenery I visit.!

How wonderful are these photos .. I am very impressed .. congratulations ..

Thanks for the comment and impressions, @webcatan. just posted part2!

stunning photography and an easy read. thanks for posting @unipsycho. A fellow Albertan?

Yup, rural albertan near high river / okotoks.

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Simply B E A U T I F U L!! great pictures unipsycho the nature it's amazing!