Belmore Brown - Early Winter Alpine 📷

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This hike was a couple of months ago now, but finally getting the panoramas posted.
Before the access road closed for the winter season to this area, we made a summit hike of Belmore Brown, a medium size hike (750m elevation gain). Was great weather in the lower elevations, sunny and warm with sloughs and bogs to skirt around on the approach in.

The cold wind and snow was howling up in the upper peaks so we knew we'd have a cold summit. We did, and didn't stay long at all. Hope you enjoy the pics.

Note: Click images for larger views!

This is heading up to the saddle to make the final summit approach. this valley is where we've come up from.

Some really nice nearby peaks I've yet to do, this one is Tiarra Peak. A long ridge gets you there, but not today.

Quite a contrast n the lower valley to the next photo, up at the rige line.

The wind was howling and pretty dangerous at the ridge and summit. Ice pellets slamming the face made us move double time to make it up and back.

Out of the wind, it was a great day, sunny and warm.

On the way down, I snapped this snowing some of the whirling ice and show tornados. you can't tell in a single photo, but this is spinning wildly and when they hit you, they easily knocked us down!

Down in the trees and forest provided shelter and warm. Plus a beautiful view of the snowy peaks.

And last but not least, looking back form the road at the car, the peak we did is the brown peak at the right, and the approach was up from behind it, where there is snow. This front side is all cliffs and doesn't seem to collect snow and the leeward side.


This it for now, thanks for joining me on this adventure, and see you on the next!

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Wow these landscape shots are amazing! Really lovely place to be by the looks of it! Sounds like you had a great adventure, I look forward to seeing more!

Wow, what a stunning view out there. I live in Panama and I can't complain about the views I have here but still, there is something amazing in those tops covered in snow. Way too hot to see those in Panama :)

I think it stopped working.

incredible collection of photography of fantastic hiking experience. impressive post @unipsycho


Nice pictures. You can almost feel the cold breeze.

thanks koskl, glad to share the experience!

Definitely mind coolest image collections.
Followed/ Resteemed.

Very cool pictures Thank you for sharing with us @unipsycho

excellent photo shoots .@unipsycho. nice place Thanks for sharing.

Very nice scenery too
Hallelujah Creator of the universe

you are very welcome, its great to share the experience with yoU!

Unique natural photos. Hiking is very enjoyable. mountain adventure for young and braver. Excellent post

Definitely agree with you, hiking is just awesome in these types of environments and scenery!

Wow dude, see you after a long time! This is amazing photography of your latest hiking! Great work and hope to see your next post soon!


ya I know! Thanks theguruasia, I'm always looking forward to your comments on my adventures. I have lots more to post, been slacking lately getting things online! Catch ya again soon!

Really good point place to hiking and drive a drone to take some good pic. Regards

that would be great if I had one, and they were not banned in most of our parks here.

Glorious photo captures you clicked on @unipsycho.
Nice adventure stuff.
Up-Voted & Re-Steemed.

Wow, thanks for the compliment kingsberry, happy to share it!

@unipsycho, I really loved your natural photography. Outstanding view and beautiful scenery indeed.

Thanks again madushanka, glad to share my experience through the photos!

wow very very beautiful photography.
Thanks @unipsycho
Have a nice day

Thanks goldcoin, appreciate that!

nature photography! The weather in winter is pleasant.

It can be, and down right dangerous sometimes too. I try to pick the good days for winter mountains.

stunning shoots upvote and follow you

Thanks so much, I'll return that favor! Glad you enjoyed em!

wow!nice nature thanks for photography

Yes, Alberta's mountains are gorgeous in early winter, thx for sharing :-)

Agree, except they are all year round in my experience! Some don't like winter adventures, but they are just as good!

@unipsycho - Sir those are stunning photography & nice you decided to share this experience Sir...

+W+ [UpVoted & ReSteemed]

Excellent photos, the last one kills me!
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Great view, thanks for sharing it.
Belmore Brown seams a great place to visit :)

Amazing photos! Upped and Following!

your photos are awesome!! definitely worth a follow!


Man, what great views and great photos!
Looks like something out of National Geographic!

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Wonderful photos!

Wow! It's kinda scary from how you describe it but it looks beautiful.

wow is amazing, the scenery is very nice, and the way of taking pictures is perfect @unipsycho

My husband can walk right up Long's Peak without slowing down to catch his breath even once.
Me with the walking poles, pausing for air...
I'd try harder, but even his brothers and nephews can't keep up with The Mighty Tim.
Thanks for sharing these!

Beautiful! Glad to find you and your lovely work :)

wow you have captured some really good views,seems like its not an easy task hike this mountain

muy bonitas tus pic congratulations man

wow your posts looks really amazing, good jop, goog photographies.

Yeah I remember the winters in the 80's when I was a kid, seeing images like those take me back, I used to clown around with my friends (LOL, more like associates because they were assh---s).

But I didn't let it get me down, and I learned to appreciate it later on in life. It's simple things like that which keeps great memories alive and kicking.

(Especially the steep hill we used to snowboard down, until Harold jump on going down the hill on the board ran straight into that rigid boarded wooden fence.. Yeah, he got 4 stitches on his forearm that day. And believe me he NEVER forgot that moment still to this day. Haha.)


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