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Hello guys!!!
I hope you are doing great!

Do you like edited photos?

As the camera on my phone is not very good compared to the others, I give myself the right to use and abuse the editions hahaha, this is cool because I am slowly learning to work on the photos, and like every beginner, sometimes I overdo it in the issues, so if you have any tips or criticism for me, leave it in the comments, it will be a pleasure to learn from you !!!

Thanks friends


This photo is great! Good job!

What do u thing about iphone 6s cam462D2454-F1CE-4F43-B535-A8CC0724556E.jpeg

U buy dslr i thnk you are good photographer!! 😂

Lovely photo. I too am learning different techniques to edit my photos. I also at times overdo it. Other times, I’m trying to repair a picture because maybe it’s blurred or too bright. I consider myself a beginner because I have so much to learn too. Happy learning

What a beautiful flower!

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Pictures are beautiful.

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