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RE: Turning the Camera on Vulnerability

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This post is absolutely beautiful! I too can relate to feelings of sadness and anxiety as a mother. In the beginning I completely lost myself in the Art of Mothering so much so that I stopped looking in the mirror. My husband is a BIG pitcture taker and always tried to get me in the frame or atleast take a picture. It took my, at the time Kindergartener, daughter's school picture of her not smiling for me to realize to smile more. When asked why she did not smile, she simply stated, "I wanted to look like mommy, so I did your face" That was an eye-opener for me I want my daughters (I have two now) to have more confidant and more happy reflection to follow after. I see that while I may do positive actions, we never quite realize what other traits that they pick up on, whether it be positive or not. I recently went to a baby shower and the hostess stated this resonating quote, "Children do not always do as we say, but they will always do what we do". Thank you for sharing your story!


That is a powerful anecdote. It's amazing what our kids reflect back to us. I'm glad you were able to relate to this. One aspect of mothering is feeling very alone. <3