Wind music

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Wind music

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Hello friends
Today we have the music of the wind
He rings among the trees among the empty streets, in his soul and in your senses.
But when the wind turns into a breeze you almost only notice it on the skin and there is art coming in.
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Art of creating sculptures that make the wind talk with metal and cable.
You just have to be still and listen.
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For me it isIMG_4219 copia.jpg a soothing sound that enters your guts, as if it were part of our being.
Today we have this piece of art on the esplanade and small lake of the Guggenheim museum
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The artist
jesus rafael soto guggenheim
This Venezuelan has created a splendid and colored work located in the museum's pond
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This Venezuelan has created a splendid and colored work located in the museum's pond
Silent and almost without public since everyone looks at the great museum.
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On a sunny Sunday morning I found her and I could only stay a while photographing and enjoying the music to the sound of the wind.

IMG_4209 copia.jpg
This is to enjoy things, to look more closely, not only to look far away because if you only look at it from afar you will never hear its music.
IMG_4207 copia.jpg

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