\\original// Landscape Photography Blog #2 - The weird, huge dead trees

in photography •  2 years ago  (edited)
  • Location: Te-arai

old tree stump.jpg

I came across these trees the first time I left the farm scouting for an image location. They stand like a primordial statue, reminding me of stonehenge or some other ancient worshiping site.
This was a big challenge. to frame those ginormous tree stumps, with all they'r awe - let me tell you, there is so many wrong ways to arrenge 3 big sticks in a frame, and so little right ones.
It took me atleast 20 minutes to find the first one, which you see above, and another 10 to find the one below.

these are some of the compositions that didn't work:


most difficult was perhaps having to choose - the details on the "main" tree stump were spectacular, as you can see here:


But I had to give them up - I guess its one of those cases where the photo tells you how it is to be shot, regardless of this or that detail that you feel like you must get in it!

Overall, when you come across something as special as this scene, just keep trying until you find the image that has been there all along. that's my lesson from this evening photoshoot.

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Great report and nice shots friend, regards @truedwell


I appreciate the positive feedback!

Creative photos.


Thank You!