Picture of the week & The power of momentum - GOALS UPDATE- The 100 Day Steemit Blogpost Challenge - Day 005

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hey! steemers, steemitians or steemys...

It's Friday and i have built up a lot of momentum this week. I shared my goals a few days ago on another blogpost.. here: https://steemit.com/life/@tristanhero/the-100-day-steemit-blogpost-challenge-get-a-look-behind-the-scenes-day-001

so, it's time to make a check up how far I came this week.

The goals this week have been the following:

Making 300 bucks with copywriting / means 25 hours of work // DONE!
hosting an Instagram talk at dojo // DONE!
hitting 3 times the gym // NOT DONE AT ALL!
surf every day // Not every day was done!
playing soccer on Wednesday and run more than last week // DONE!
go for a run 2 times // NOT YET DONE!
yin yoga before i go to bed // NOT DONE!
low carb meal as dinner // DONE!
creating a new youtube strategy // NOT YET DONE!

I can not say, i failed. I worked a lot, I had friends in my house, and i was always grinding, even when i haven't focused on hitting the gym. I still have 2 days to go, for finish some tasks, like running and creating a new youtube strategy.

Sometimes you can't achieve all your goals because other tasks show up. sometimes goals seem not as important as they were at the beginning. sometimes you achieve way better goals, then the goals you set for yourself.

That's why, i had this week way more achieved, then these goals up here can tell. My Instagram project went on. I created a video that got shared from multiple Instagram accounts ( one with over 6 million followers). I had a great time with some friends from germany. i had a real good surf on Thursday morning.

On top, i shared this picture, which is my picture of the week. The airplane in the background and this guy on top of the wave in Balangan beach last weekend is one of the best shots from this session.

So the momentum train is moving. I grind, I rise and I shine!
How was your week? Mae sure to follow my 100-day blog post challenge to stay updated what it is going on in my life! ;)

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Nice to meet you, @tristanhero! Welcome to the Steemit Community, wish you good luck and a good start, ive send you a small tip and followed you, hope you have an amazing day! :)


thanks for everything! @vlone99 .. i followed you back! greetings to switzerland ;)