The 100 Day Steemit Blogpost Challenge - Get a look behind the scenes Day 001

in life •  2 years ago 

Okay Guys,

there are a few ways to become successful on steemit i guess. Find your niche, trending topics, blablabla..

But what i have learned in life-

There is nothing more powerful than consistency!

So from today on, you get every day a post here.

So this week is a bit difficult, as i have a lot of projects going on. I made progress in my filmmaking career as i finished a video for a ''go fund me project '' for Sumatran elephants. The goals this week are the following:

  • Making 300 bucks with copywriting / means 25 hours of work
  • hosting a instagram talk at dojo
  • hitting 3 times the gym
  • surf every day
  • playing soccer on Wednesday and run more than last week
  • go for a run 2 times
  • yin yoga before i go to bed
  • low carb meal as dinner
  • creating a new youtube strategy

In summary- This week will be a good one, as i have to work my butt off, grind and shine!
I keep you updated about my progress!

How do you like my goals? Leave me a comment and become my countability friend! ;)

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I like your goals a lot, interesting but still very simple.
That reminds me that I might do this kind of a ritual myself and set my own weekly goals.


Vision - Goals - Daily Grind - That's the way it goes. It helps me a lot when I write my goals down..

Welcome to Steemit!


thanks bro!

great goals, I wish you every success


Thank you.. for you the same ;)

Nice post! I saw that you are new on steemit so I am very glad to see that you're actively posting. One upvote from me and full steem ahead!
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