Monday meander around my yard

in photography •  7 months ago

Monday meander around my yard.jpg

Actually, the title pretty much says it all... LOL! This morning, it was sunny and gorgeous here in Durham, NH, and my shaking is a bit more under control thanks to the discovery of a couple of supplements (more on that in a future post). So I grabbed my handy dandy tripod and trusty Nikon, and headed out to the yard to meander for a bit.

All in all, I took over 100 photos & video, but managed to narrow it down to about 20 for this post. Hope you enjoy!

Monday meander 1.JPG
Make a wish!


Monday meander 2.JPG
Just something I love about the yellow sun peeking
through the green trees against the blue sky


Monday meander 3.JPG
Love the sun backlighting the leaves too


Monday meander 4.JPG
Not sure if that speck is a bug or pollen,
since there's tons of both in the air


Monday meander 5.JPG
Yep, just something about it...


Monday meander 6.JPG
"Peekaboo!" says the Canadian Tiger Swallowtail


Monday meander 7.JPG
Yes, I still see you.


Monday meander 8.JPG
Look! The fairies are having a party!
(first person to point out that these
are actually flying termites gets
bonked on the head with my wand)


Monday meander 9.JPG
Mr Butterfly ignored the fairies, and enjoyed the lilacs instead.


Monday meander 10.JPG
Good choice, Mr. Butterfly.


Monday meander 11.JPG
Mr. Phoebe was hanging out in a nearby tree...


Monday meander 12.JPG
...making sure I didn't get too close to the nest.


Monday meander 13.JPG
He soon grew bored of the staring contest.


Monday meander 14.JPG
Yes, I can't help myself. It just looks soooo cool!


Monday meander 15.JPG
Mr. Red Squirrel was a bit surprised to see me - LOL!


Monday meander 16.JPG
So much green! From the green, green, grass...


Monday meander 17.JPG the tippy tops of the trees!


Last, but not least, I took these three short videos, one right after the other, while standing in the same spot but rotating the camera counter clockwise - it was kind of a 3pm, noon, 9am kind of turn (if that makes sense). I was hoping to catch all the amazing birdsong, happening in all directions (although if I'd spun to 6am, it would've been video of the back of our house 😊).




Happy Monday!

Photo credit: Traci York, taken with my trusty Nikon
Blog graphics: created on Canva

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This is a beautiful collection of photos and videos!


Thanks so much, @adam-aj! 😊

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Wow! Those are really nice. Especially liked the Canadian stopping by to hang out with the fairies in the forrest. I'm officially jealous and want to pack my bags and move in to your backyard. Could I pitch a tee-pee down by the creek?


Thanks, Steven. And believe it or not, you're not the first person to ask... LOL! I'll talk to our landlords and let you know - fair warning, the teepee is probably no match for New England winters... 😂

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Coolness! Thanks, @steemitboard!

I love to see meander in nature
And I would much rather believe the fairies are having a party too.! <3


I'm glad, because I meander a lot, @creativesoul! 😂

And thanks - I think there's far too much reality in the world as it is. 😉 😊

Oh oh oh! The dandelion is my favorite, no wait. The butterfly is, no no. The bird is the best. Awwww, a squirrel! Ok, I can not make up my mind, they are all adorable and so beautiful, ALL of them 💚


LOL! Aww, thanks so much, @zen-art! We're totally spoiled by the wildlife right outside our front door. 😊 💚

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YAY! Thanks so much, @theluvbug! I greatly appreciate it!

What a great backyard! Full of nature , felt like I was in a great park. Love the photographs! Upvoted :)