A Happy Mother's Day random photo collage

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A Happy Mother's Day random photo collage.jpg

I'm posting this today, since tomorrow is officially Mother's Day in my little corner of the world, and while we don't have any plans, I figure I'll spend the day away from social media anyway.

Here are eighteen photos, chosen rather randomly, of some of the mothers in my life, as well as the little ones (not so little now) who made me a mother.

Paternal Grandmother - Nana Cavanaugh

0a. Nana and Duck, 1940s.jpg
Duck and Nana Cavanaugh, 1940s

0b. Duck & Nana Cavanaugh, January 1964.jpg
Duck and Nana Cavanaugh, 1964


Maternal Grandmother - Nana Souza

1. Nana Souza, July 1927.jpg
Nana Souza, July 1927


3. Aunt Mary and Mom, 1940s.jpg
Her daughters, Mary and Lois (my mother), some time in the 1940s


2. Nana and Ozzie, 1960s.jpg
Nana and Ozzie, 1960s


Godmother - Aunt Mary

4. Mary Faye, May 1966.jpg
Aunt Mary, May 1966

5. Christening - Godparents Aunt Mary & Uncle Bill 1965.jpg
My Godparents at my Christening, Aunt Mary & Uncle Bill, 1965


Mother - Mom (lol!)

6. Mom, early 1950s.jpg
Mom, early 1950s

7. Mom with nursing uniform, late 1950s.jpg
Mom in nursing uniform, late 1950s

8. Mom, Nursing School Graduation 1958.jpg
Mom, Nursing School Graduation 1958

9. Christening - Mom & Dad 1965.jpg
My parents at my christening, 1965

10. Mom and me, February 1966.jpg
Mom and me, February 1966

11. Me and Mom, November 1967ish.jpg
Me and Mom, November 1967ish



12. Mom and the kids, 2007.jpg
Mom and the kids, 2007

13. 2005 - Royalty Rules Ball.jpg
Me, Jim, and the kids at a homeschool event, 2005

15. homeschool group - October 2006.jpg
Homeschool group, October 2006

16. October 2006.JPG
Halloween, 2006

14. January 2016.jpg
Santa Hats, 2016


Happy Mother's Day!


From the private photo collection of: Traci York
Blog graphics: created on Canva
Also posted on my WordPress blog

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What a great tribute to the women in your life!

Thanks so much, @papacrusher! I just tagged my mother and aunt over on Facebook - I'm hoping they'll forgive the lack of Mother's Day card because of this... LOL!

Wow! What a wonderful collection of family photos! Now you don't have to make the trip to Gloucester! haha!

Awesome post. I love the pic of you on your moms knee where she is leaning away from you and staring..I can read her mind.."What? Did this one come from my genes..." or "Is this mine?" ...LOL

Thanks, @themagus! And yes, ever since I found that photo, it's been a running joke that it's the look my mother always has on her face when she sees me... LOL!

Such beautiful photo's. I always enjoy the old school ones from back in the day. There's always something so special about them. Happy Mothers Day to you too.

Thank you so much, @jusipassetti and I completely agree! I love seeing old photos from other people, as well as my family. Hope you had a wonderful Sunday!

This is a gorgeous tribute. I love this idea. That one in Feb 1966 cracks me up. I really want to know what you were doing that gave your mother that face :)

Thank you, @onethousandpics! If you ask my mom, she'll say I was just being me and she's never stopped looking at me like that... LOL!

ha ha in that case I think we might be kindred spirits :D

Sounds like a definitely possibility... LOL! 😊

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