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wood bark from a dead tree

Recently I re-visited an open space nature walk that I discovered in the company of some fellow steemians a few weeks back, but never got around to posting about. The adventure started out badly. Traffic, rain, highway closures and misdirection, then a couple of mojitas later we finally arrived to the hiking area. I forgot to check my camera settings and wound up with things like this:

cacti and brush emerging from an arid soil

Oops! Even after correcting my settings, the trip was fuzzy. I discovered that trying to hike while I really want to stop to take photos of everything leads me to taking very rushed blurry photos, because i forget to change lenses and fiddle with knobs and dials - which doesnt work out so well. One wants not to be rude by holding up the others. And there's no time to find the hidden things..

enjoying the loop

This past weekend I finished an event earlier than expected and decided to go back to the same spot, even though the sky wasnt nearly as spectacular. So i got down to plants level and got my butt perferated by cacti stickers and stones.

most of these are macros, and some are edited crops of macros. forgive me my fetish for detail..

cacti amongst sedum and sticks

oxeye daisies in the sun

tiny unknown zinnia like wildflower

wild blueberry

grass-seed explosion

leaf upon lichen

love on the rocks

unknown freaky alien plant

hunts bumblebee after the nectar of his favorite tiny flower. they are small and extremely shy

wild dandelion

macro b+w wood bark

that bee again! took 50 tries to get 5 photos that werent his backside or a fuzzy yellow blur

moar papery wood bark

dragons eye

tree layers

knots and swirls

precocious lil wildflower hidden amongst the grasses

One day i'll get a book of wildflowers and track down the names on all of these.. thanks for exploring with me!

bud on some stalky succulent fellow

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Those bees are so fast when they work. I also struggle to take a decent picture of them :) It's great that you went back and tried to take photos again. I don't like to go hiking with friends as I have the same problem. I usually go alone or with my husband as he knows me and doesn't mind waiting. In fact, he is even worse with taking photos than me so we are very slow in hiking :)

Your photos are very good. I like these detail shots where you can see all the little things. It's interesting to look at.

Congratulations on your curie vote!

thank you for saying. I look at my photos and think how awful they are, how i didnt get enough focus or depth as I'd like. that's when i get mad that i cannot afford a better camera or the time and money to travel the world taking photos.. and then i think i need to apply myself more and find whats right in front of me.

It's good to be critical of our own work but I'm happy that you can accept compliments :) Other don't see all those small mistakes that you might see. AND it's important to do as much as we can. We all have different resources and it's important to use them wisely. You might not be able to travel the world BUT you can still take amazing shots of your surroundings :)

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My daughter, @izzydawn, loves taking photos of details, like the patterns in wood and bark or insects. I'd love to get her a proper macro lens one day.

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do it!!! its my passion, and the lovely thing about dslr cameras is that film is no longer needed. you can screw up and thats ok. even photos that i thought were mistakes, i will look at them from an artistic angle and find ways that they can be edited to make them creative...!

Nice to hear that there are fellow steemiens who were nearby to give you a company for hiking like adventure. I mentioned as adventure because it is not like a meet up over a coffee. So you are lucky if we think in one way.

And those are some wonderful snaps and getting a chance to see the place with no chance of a visit in the life time is really worth to have a look for.

what you mentioned about is correct. On a trip it is really a difficult job to enjoy the new location, especially if those are blessed with amazing nature and sceneries and at the same time to take photographs to capture the beauty of Place from different angles and all.

Anyway, this Post looks great and congrats for selection by Curie Curation. Cheers.

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thank you! I was very surprised by the curie because my photos arent that great, but yes I am lucky to have a few great friends close by who save me from myself. sometimes we do just go out for a meal, but i prefer the adventures!!

Hi torico,

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i am very honored. thank you!

Love the wood macros :D

the woods are my favorite, i can play with them all day!

First of all, how did you do to use so many tags?

There is beauty in details, so no need to apologize for that "fetish". I liked the "tiny unknown zinnia like wildflower", were they dried?
That "love on the rock" looks like rough love.
I loved the angle at the "wild dandelion". it looks like small battle ships leaving a mother ship :)

all of these were live, growing wildflowers (in the case of flowers), tho yes the pseudo zinnia looks like it needs water. the actual flower you see is no bigger than your thumb tip. i never noticed that about the dandelion, but you are right!! haha!

as to the tags, if you use the steempeak front end, it now allows the use of up to ten tags. i highly recommend the interface.

Great tip (about Steempeak). Thanks


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noms da cake

Great photography to see so nice


Wow that incredible photos, super colorful and with a perfect light! Congratulations ♡♡

haha so many people look at my photos and think they are great. i look at my photos and think i am such an amateur. but thank you i shall accept praise today :)