My rooftop organic heirloom tomato plant harvest

This summer I had 4 organic heirloom tomato plants growing of various varieties such as Amish Paste and Black Crim. They are ripening fast now and I am using them wherever I can in cooking. I used a Canon EOS T3i for the photos.







#photography #food #life


Oh my gosh the are just beautiful. Congratulations. Can actually taste them. Thanks for the share. Much peace and goodwill.

Thank you, they are super delicious!

Such a great article, @tinyhomeliving. I truly believe home gardening will be more and more popular in the future!

Btw, did you know about these 5 movies - they hold even more information about the greatness of home grown food:

I will keep following you :D

These photos are very nice and I like them a lot, highlight how healthy these tomatoes are! I am also planting tomatoes, I hope they are as nice as yours!

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