You want to be healty? Follow advice on how to shape your eating habits from these food documentaries!

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They completely changed the way I eat!

I am now having awesome food that I did not know existed. They will help you lower your risk of getting all those big diseases we hear about daily these days. Here we go:

Food Matters (2008)

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead (2010)

Hungry for Change (2012)

Super Juice Me (2014)

Food Choices (2016)

It might seem weird that they came out every two years, one after each other, but actually, I am just scratching the surface here. There are numerous amazing documentaries out there and it only takes a bit of time to understand that we are really messed up when it comes to our eating habits.

Hope you find them useful. Let me know ;)


Cocktailguy :D

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Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead (2010) is a wonderful motivating film!

But some of your still have not seen) thanks for the recommendation, I'll see)

I think that people need to watch more of these films and more ponder... and then we will have a society like in the movie La belle verte (1996)

Yes have seen some of them! It is great that they exist!!

Good work and good video. It would be nice if they saw more people!

Thank you. Totally agree, @ergoproxy13. I wish to put them out there more. I will make another article soon, about more excellent food documentaries, but these were and always will be my base. I rewatched the juicing one few weeks back because it's one of my favourite ones.

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