#Photography: Not by sight

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It was the first time they met, and it wasn't love at first sight.

After all, they couldn't see each other.

But despite the fact that they both were blind, they 'clicked' and the little girl could barely let go of my classmate, DJ.

I could remember the time vaguely. It was only a few weeks ago, about two, but time is slowly making the memory disappear. At least there are photos and some videos that were taken, but still, I believe for some it would stick to their heart's mind.

DJ, the guy in the picture, is blind. I forgot what exact incident took his sight, but he lost it at a young age. Despite that, he lives life to the fullest, he's travelled outside of the country as a performing pianist. And I can guarantee that he's a good one, also. he has good grades!

Though back to the picture.

It was taken about two weeks ago when we were in Bangkok and we visited an orphange for blind children.

If you compare the kids there to other orphans, they might be treated better. After all, they wore clean and good clothes, were fed regularly, and had a number of people dedicated to looking after them.

Still, it was different.

The children were blind, some seemed to be doing well, while others were confused. I can't say anything objective, we were only there for about two hours, tops.

But one thing I can say with certainty was that they reacted to touches. A number of them liked touching, things and people. And the little girl in the photo, grabbed ahold of DJ and stuck to him like glue.

I don't know what he felt about it, maybe happy and surprised, maybe shocked?

Though even if he can't see this picture I took, those with eyes can make their own conclusions.


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