TimTravels - Saalbach: Above the Clouds Part 1

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How is it going my dear Steemian friends?

I was in the mountains of Austria this weekend for skiing and of course, I took my camera with me. Without my camera, I won't even leave the house! The fun fact is that I took the risk to bring my eqiupment to the slopes and we carried everything in our backbags. Falling hard would mean the camera breaks. But taking the risk was worth it! Even freezing was worth it. Remeber the night shots from the previous post? Since it was dark every shot required 30 seconds of exposure to light. It took me roundabout 40 shots to get satisfying photographs of the wintery landscape. During night? Yes, fricking cold!

So, back to my experience in Saalbach. If you ever get the chance to go there, please do so! You have over 300 km of slope and a fantastic landscape. Mountains and snow, everywhere! We woke up early in the morning to get to most out of the day and enjoy the snow. As soon as we arrived at the peak of the mountain I saw that we were above some clouds! The view was poorly on this day. Snowstorm, rain and heavy wind made it quite difficult at first. But luckily later the day we view turned to be clear.

Maybe some of you wonder who people get to the top of the mountain. There are certain lifts that take you there. A cableway carries you and your ski equipment all the way to the peak. It's a fun ride and you get to see a breathtaking view. If you get seasick you might have some difficulties cause the cableways swing.

I see the sky, blue sky! After hours the dark clouds finally dissipated. The first sunrays reached the ground and illuminated the snowy trees. Through the clouds, the sun looks extremely pleasant and made me take some pictures. I decided to take a break and take out my drone to make some shots and record footage for the upcoming dtube vlog. At first, the drone wouldn't let me fly because the battery was too cold. After few minutes of warming the battery up, I was able to take off. You have to hover for a minute to be sure the battery is ready and then you are good to go. However since the cold drains the charge much faster I couldn't fly too far.

What do you think? What should Tim's next travel destination be? Write a comment and let him know!

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these are extraordinary winter photos. There are a few pictures that look fantastic. I love it. What a beautiful light you have caught. 2nd photo !! I fell in love with that photo! Should it be so much fun skiing in those mountains?
the quality and compositions of the photographs are very successful. they capture correctly in the right settings. I really like it. congratulations :)I also have an introduction post on my page! maybe you are interested ..

Something about a snowy landscape is really gorgeous.

The best one was the second. Seems we are frying the snow :)) red and hot snow on trees

Please check my images on Shemshak ski resort: https://steemit.com/travel/@honarparvar/ski-destination-think-about-iran

Life is full of temporary situations, ultimately ending in a permanent solution.

Thanks for the kind words! Heading over to your introduction post, see you there!

Totally agree with you friend @artizm, this weather and those photos fall in love ... one of my dreams is skiing, I love that kind of adrenaline, congratulations [email protected], your photos are extraordinary, a warm greeting.

This one in particular had me day dreaming of going there myself :D

I think you should go to the Hardangervidda in western Norway and go to Trolltunga and the Pulpit rock!

Take care buddy!

Amazing photography my friend. Really love the inspirational and professional photos, especially as a snowboarder :)
It's sad nature effects soo much on the drone, did you have trouble with the wind as well ? I had a wonderful last weekend when I went in Slovenian mountains to test out my new snowboarding gear. thanks for sharing, can't wait for the drone video, Steem on my friend! :)

If you visited Austria, Slovenia is really small and at the end of the Alps, we got everything from sea, mountains, lots of rivers, lakes and just a lot to see even if we are really tiny country.

I feel sorry for people who don't drink. When they wake up in the morning, that's as good as they're going to feel all day.

Who needs mornings anyways?

agreed, I didn't get up till 3 today

I gotta say, although I don't drink, this was a pretty funny comment.

thank you for feeding my experiment . :(

Hey buddy! The Mavic Pro has little to no struggle with wind, even at high velocity. I'm glad you had a great weekend. Do you have some pictures from Slovenia? Sounds like I should visit your country soon

Amazing piece of machinery! I always share photos of Slovenia, there's a "I feel sLOVEnia" website you can check it out as well. Whould be honnored to meet you if you do sir! Thank you very much, have a great day.

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Another (not surprisingly) incredible post. These photos completely capture the beauty and feeling of these moments. Thanks for sharing . Oh, and I'd love to see someplace like New Zealand or possibly Japan through the famous lens of Tim Said!

For sure. Makes me want to get out there and go skiing.

Thank you Facebook, I can now farm without going outside, cook without being in my kitchen, feed fish I don't have & waste an entire day without having a life.

Beautiful .. Good for you
It is amazing to have a time between the embrace of the Virgin Nature
Great photos done well


Great photos and a great blog with excellent information. I will definitely go to this place one day. This is the first post of you which I read and I loved it. I am going to read every past and future posts of you. I hope every post will be as good as this one.

Don't you find it Funny that after Monday(M) and Tuesday(T), the rest of the week says WTF?

Where are you getting your material? Also, are you a bot?

No I am not a bot. I am currently doing a social experiment on my channel illustrating how bots that make random bs comments to others posts, can make more than a human trying their hardest. Well at least this human. Sadly, I am proving myself right everyday. The randomly generating comments are making more than my real ones.

Do you have a chart or something you can post with results. I'd love to see it. And resteem it.

I will try to throw together a spreadsheet in excel. Today has been a really good day for the manual reply of posts ,so lol. Maybe I was wrong or just had a lucky day. I think after one week of trying a little bit of each, I will eventually find out what is better. 2 days isn't enough of a good trial :)

These are very nice pictures. Great story.

My friends are persuading me to go there every freaking day. I just don't have much time to join them. Man, I'm jealous. That mountain fresh air and the thrill of snowboarding with high speeds...

What do you think? What should Tim's next travel destination be? Write a comment and let him know!

Well... you see. I love every single one of your photo shoots... so It doesn't really matter where you are going to travel next time :D

Haha, what a great reply! So next time listen to your friends!

I will try. I've already promised to go with them next time :(
Waiting for your next travel series, man :d

I ski around a bend in the trail to the panorama of the snow-capped mountains. No matter how many times I have seen it, it just takes my breath away. The scene changes between the morning light and the afternoon sun. I love the coating of rime ice on each evergreen needle, the grays of the mountain peaks in the distance, the brilliant white snow and the bluest sky you can imagine.

Do you write poems? Cause this was an incredible read! Totally agree with you, there is nothing better than pure nature

Hahaha I loved your courage and risk taking nature. I must say it was worth it.
You are lucky enough to have done skiing and visited mountains full of snow. I always wanted to do that but no luck yet 😢

i upvote all your post you upvote all mine? done? deal?

Been on a ski trip in Austria when I was very little.
Too bad I can't remeber anything...🤣

An excellent post, my friend and glad to see again your photos of these beautiful places. Snowy peaks are fascinating with their greatness and so much snow I have not yet seen. I imagine with what pleasure you spent this time in the mountains and are sure to have a good rest! Now, after a snowy vacation, you can go to the southern edge with a warm sea :) Thanks to Tim and keep us informed of your travels!

Can you imagine, I jumped into the snow and disappeared? Crazy! How about going to India?

Oh yes, India is a very interesting country and I would like to see your post about it!

I think India would be awesome. You know get some images of some colorful Gurus.

i like to jumping in the snow

I like to jumping in the snow too. I also like to eating breakfast, which is what I am about to do right this very second. You have inspired me.

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Colors are very cool and unusual!

You mean CRUEL and unusual. You're under arrest.

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Yay for skiing. Its such a fantastic way to enjoy the cold winter

Personally, I Like the 2nd Image (the aerial shot) and then the 2nd Image & 3rd image from the BOTTOM.

What I enjoy about it = the very BLUE sky, with Clouds hovering overhead -- And the clouds 'look so close' to the MTN ! Whoa.. You're Lucky you got such a good SHOT
( and I know it was absurdly COLD) - But 'WELL DONE', man .
Am glad yr Camera didn't break

(also, that FINAL Image - with the 2 Trees & the People HUDDLED together .. it's kinda cozy & nice ) ♥

no risk = no reward right!? Glad you took the risk of bringing your camera with ya! Pics came out beautifully 👍

You were skiing with your camera equipment and your drone!? 🙀
By the way is it a Mavic? 🤩

Looking forward to seeing your aerial footage - love drone shots.

Beautiful pictures!


Absolutely awesome photos, well done!

Super schöne Bilder. Wir waren im Januar im Kleinwalsertal und hatten einen magischen Moment als wir über die Wolken gekommen sind.

Great post, interesting pictures)

Hi @timsaid, You post on and off but your entry is always epic and full of life. The big part of the year here where I live is very hot. In summers temperature here often reach upto 118 °F. So, these pics have different meanings for us. I mean apparently there is snow and winter in its full bloom that looks fantastic but the overall environment looks unreal and the artistic approach made these photos look more beautiful. I like all the photos but would like to caption this one:

Whitewalkers in zero visibility

I would love to visit Saalbeach whenever I can.

Steem On!

Great shots..It s a good place to go snowboarding..

hey, upvote all mine i upvote too !! PROMISE !!

i see your intriduction post .thank for sharing.


I really like the photos. I admire the contrast of snow and mountains against the background of fog.

Amazing panorama!
Next time Himalaya!😉✌

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stunning photo! I think Tim's next appointment will be the Alps... left to conquer the Alps and a couple more places.

Oh my god, pictures are so amazing....I heard that Austria is beautiful but thanks a lot for sharing the real beauty...I wish to be there at least once in my lifetime 👍....I was in Scotland a few months back and the highlands were beautiful...all white
Thanks @timtravels

Looks very nice.
Can someone tell me how I can improve my pictures?
Or tell me what I'm doing wrong

This is my last picture

Click picture to view larger

It was a magnificent sight, a little sight to the classical era, so amazing, hopefully someday I can visit that place.

You have an interesting story and absolutly great photos. I love your landscapes, in special your last two photos. They are great. I love them. You are such a good photographer, and you have also a best equipment.
Good job dude. Keep going!

Amazing photography my friend


Hello,I made a two-day holiday in my own country to spend a weekend.I had so much fun:)

Where is it? Looks amazing!


That second picture is just... phenomenal! I wish I could be there! Very interesting blogpost, would love to see some video aswell. You've got my follow.

Keep up the great work and have a good weekend!

My Friend, excellent these pictures, the climate, the environment, everything looks so perfect. It is incredible to be able to see them, I would like some day to be able to make captures like that, I am a photographer and these climates attract a lot of attention and give a special touch to photos, luck in your adventures, a greeting from Venezuela.

Cool post I like your content 😀

Very nice photos. Hope i can go there also. Try to travel Philippines. It's more fun in the Philippines.

You've taken really amazing landscapes! I'm not fond of skiing but love to hike in the snowy forests.


Have you been to Hungary? Though this is not an exotic country, it has many-many natural and historical-cultural beauties. I suggest you to visit the stalactite caves of Aggtelek, the wonderful spa of Egerszalók or just walk in the Bükk mountains. Or come to a retreat to Boldva(Near Miskolc), take yoga lessons and spend some hours in a sweat-hut while singing mantras and drumming :))) I've already tried them and i can just say it's wonderful!

its a very pretty picture.

Tim, it would be our pleasure if you visit Iran for skiing. Many weaterners come to ski here.
Plz tell me if i could be any help.
Check shemshak ski resort here https://steemit.com/travel/@honarparvar/ski-destination-think-about-iran

Also check Dizin ski resort on the net. I will write on Dizin later

The mountains are so beautiful! I've been to the Amazon Rainforest on the Ecuador part. I'd recommend going there. I loved it, I felt like I was in one of my favorite games, Amazon Trail. If you like travel, you'll really love my second introduction article.

Excellent post dear friend @timsaid congratulations for your choice deviaje, the pictures speak for themselves, they are truly beautiful. The couple was worth this visit
If you like snow I invite you to conoscas Bariloche Argentina, visit the hill cathedral is a paradise.
I wish you a great weekend

What an amazing view! I'll add this on my bucket list for sure, thanks!

nice photos..

"Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life."
Well, Thanks for such a nice article Dear.
Love from Rebica <3

Amazing photography, best ia the best

you re so lucky to visit like this places

Seriously great photos man! I can't wait to hit the slopes. I usually wait until march when the prices drop.

Check out some of my adventures!


@timsaid. Is this the place that was used for the 1991 winter Olympics? For your next travel destination might I suggest the Canary Island.

I was totally impressed by those snowy powerful metallic clouds. Just great. Love it!)

Wow! What an experience it must have been for you timsaid!

Great post, you should visit Crimson Resort and Spa in Cebu Philippines, it is awesome!20139859_1308745429223134_6184858299171960993_n.jpg

The post is very extraordinary and deserves the trending category

everything is super beautiful, it provokes being there. Excellent post, congratulations. Greetings from a warm land.

God I love snowboarding.

Awesome photos :)

The sky is really blue, reminds me of some here. Here in Nigeria there's no snow but harmattan.
Nice one [email protected]

Wow! Amazing photos! Makes me miss my childhood in Wyoming. How did you keep your lenses from frosting up? That's a problem in the cold here in Oklahoma, but maybe it was dryer at that altitude? @markrmorrisjr

WOw what a great adventure Tim, I love the photos you took they are really amazing and I didn’t know Austria is really a cold country haha. I like New Zealand to be your next adventure, I heard it’s nice there.

Beauttiiiiiiifulll place although it seems very cold and freezing , i thik when some one see this beauty he /she forget the cold, love your post I upvot and follow, waiting your next great work , well done mate

winter oh i love snow
love it

Incredible pictures! Was that your drone?

Wow, it's freezing cold there.
I too want to enjoy this weather but The place where i live never had snow.

excellent friends photos took the landscape as it is, it hurts in my country there is no such winter season, it would be very fun to ski, good god keep blessing and taking pictures of such beautiful sites congratulations on the post

Amazing photography you .

Please you vote me and follow @bilqis07

Enjoy traveling! Good luck friend

caramba! se nota que le gusta los deportes extremos. Vivo en zona donde hace demasiado calor, ir a un lugar tan frio, no la contaría je je. Felicidades en cada aventura, disfruta, y que Dios te acompañe dónde quieras que vayas.

Its so excited..😍.. hope to go there @timsaid

Freezing cold yet you still manage to make most of it to have fun and engraved memories that is worthy to be treasured and cherished in a lifetime.

Hallo @timsaid. Im steemian :-)

Howw! Soooooo pure, beautiful and white! :O

It's insane! Never saw so much snow before

It must be very cold to see if Aceh is snowing like that,, surely we must wear a very thick clothes so we are not cold,,

Oh my! Those pictures are breathtaking. They gave a kind of feeling that I am on the scene even though not physically present. I greatly admire you photography expertise. You are the best.

Great post and blog!!!🍻🍻🍻
I follow!

great photos. love the long exposure. maybe a bit less orange on the trees. i love your editing on all of the photos i sometimes struggle with snow. will follow you for sure.

Hi @timsaid, your content is really cool.
I really love Austria for skiing, you can try french mountains too with your gopro :)

I'm a traveller too, I have make my first post today.
You can see it here : https://busy.org/travel/@malguyquentin/stop-all-and-breathe

Enjoy your holidays dude

I envy you so much. Here in Zagreb, the slope on Sljeme is so short and you just can't have that much fun here... This just looks so beatiful... Hopefully I'll visit it in the future, or at least something close to that :)

Let us know and don't forget to take pictures

what beautiful images
when I observed them, it made me cold.

Nice! Wann kommen Vlogs?

wow..awsome photography...i like it so much...just awsome....go on bro

Man that looks like some serious POW. I could use some of that right now!

Awesome photos! I just returned from a ski trip to Breckenridge. Amazing views from that mountain as well.

I had a bit of elevation sickness for a couple days, but got used to it eventually. Couldn’t sleep at all, and had to wake up multiple times a night.

Had a blast though, check out my blog for some photos. Wish you the best, cheers!

You have the only photos I come across that consistently gives me FOMO. Can I come on the next trip? lol

Where will we go?

Anywhere!! Just get me out of GA! lol

How did the drone like the cold? Mine is fine most times. But the really cold days it does not fly so well.

I really don't like the cold but these are such beautiful pictures. Your next destination should be somewhere tropical.

my brother the photos are spectacular that beautiful landscapes since I'll follow you, very good photography work. Up-Voted & Re-Steemed
greetings from venezuela !!

wow! amazing post you share,thanx
please upvote me brother

Great post! It's very well written! :)

I am going on Tuesday, seems like we will have fun!

Great shots all around...but i love the cloud cover in the second to last one. :)