TimTravels - Adventures in Bali: Monkeys of Ubud Part 3

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Hello and welcome back my Steemian friends to another episode of TimTravels!

Did you miss the second part of TimTravels - Adventures in Bali: Monkeys of Ubud? Then it's about time you catch up and see what I captured previously.

Like already mentioned in the previous posts we had a great time in Ubud and especially did enjoy the monkey forest there. While in the last episodes I showed you many shots of the monkey, you will see more of the forest itself in this post. A pretty amazing fact is that on this day a couple was marrying in the monkey forest of Ubud. After I asked them for a picture they kindly allowed me to take some photographs and use them. Cheers! They had fancy, traditional dresses and overall it was a beautiful moment to watch the ceremony.

The forest itself is similar to a rainforest and except the paths which were built untouched. To the local people it is more than important to preserve the natural habitat of the wild animals. That's why the forest is only open at certain times during the day and the money collected from the tickets are used to keep the forest clean.

Check out my following shots to get an idea of what we experienced in Ubud.
Enjoy the shots:

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this is one of the most beautiful photography I've seen since I came to steemit, I saw the last one you did I meant the travel pictures In Bali it's just top of the chart, the naturalness is trully amazing, I love your camera sharpness too.


Thanks my friend! I love my Nikon D750, it's a great cam. Enjyo your day.
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Wow it's so amazing really, I wouldn't ask for a better camera, thank you as well, hoping to see more of the amazing shots on the next photo blog


Yeah i agree with you that the pictures are really beautiful, almost like second to none.

Whoa, so many monkey scattered all over the place. I think those monkeys were used to humans since they look so friendly even to a point they allow humans to touch them. 😄


It was pretty fun that he even took the food from my hand!


Nice post man!

Nice post bos


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Lucky you!

nice photography, and very cute animal I see first time in life and feel awesome
please follow me and vote for vote

This is beautiful nature photography, and this Manley so cute. best of luck my friend....

Great pictures :-)
Which optics do you use?

Cute little guys! I love how you can hangiut with them and that local people do care about preserving them! :)

I first read your blog and want to say that I'm delighted with your journey. It's nice to see that the forest is kept in its original state. Natural conditions are important for the local inhabitants of this forest - monkeys. I have long wanted to visit this and a place in which live monkeys. You can say visit a monkey. I read that it is undesirable to wear jewelry as monkeys can steal them.

Excellent photos, they convey the atmosphere of this wonderful place. Thank you

awesome. Natural love is in nature. I am a new photographer
Please, can you give me some tips......................

I'm waiting for your replay


Sure! I will have a look, cheers!

mi foto favorita, buen post


Thanks! :) It's my new best friend

incredible work he has done, it has really surprised me with the amount of good photos he has done, the site is beautiful, the people there have a great culture, the animals are an important aspect, definitely his experience in that place should be masterly , I would like to know what is the camera that I use for it, greetings in advance, thanks for taking me to places that I have never been

I love all the pictures that you posted.
Thank you.

Your photos tell a story which even million words wont be able to express this beautifully. Amazing photography @Timsaid.

Nice photos, man. I had a great time watching the last collection from Bali.
Monkeys are funny as always lol)

your photographs have me in love and captivated, they are fascinating, I have downloaded several on my phone

Wow it's so amazing really photography

Nice one, Tim! I'm not a fan of the monkey forest in Ubud at all, but these photos are absolutely awesome so you get an upvote from me. Good work!


Thanks for the nice words! I know that some people are afraid because of diseases like rabies etc. My girl also was afraid

The best moment of life is. thinking

animals and humans are interdependent, resulting in a food chain.

although monkeys we have to keep the population in order not to become a rare animal in this world.

good luck @timsaid

Great photo composition. Elegantly done.Sometimes I even wonder what inspires you to chose a certain place to take your photos. They are usually unique and intriguing.

Oh my god, I cannot describe how was my feeling,when i saw your photos.
That was geat،I felt im there.
Really thanks for sharing these awesome pictures.

Great photos. Get Upvote for you :)

i love the episode of TimTravels and your photography is amazing really cool all picture of your and interesting episode i follow you for such a more Amazing post.

La verdad disfrute tus fotos ♥ Son hermosas!! Excelente tu trabajo y gracias por compartir ♣♦♣♦♣

I noticed the mini ampitheater. Do they do shows there? Lovely shots of the couple. Beautiful colors.

I love everything that has to do with animals. They live so well with us. You have to respect them. good photo. I would love to know places like that. thanks for sharing. The culture of other countries is so wonderful. thanks for sharing.

Some of the best pictures I've seen!

Oww, those monkeys are so cute (Especially the one with the giant blond beard!).
Photos remind me of the Jurassic Park movie with its all beautiful greeneries!))