TimTravels - Adventures in Bali: Monkeys of Ubud Part 1

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What's up my Steemian friends! Tropical greetings from Ubud, Indonesia

In my last post you already saw the beautiful rice terraces of Ubud with their impressive green landscapes. A place you should definitly visit when you are in Bali, Indonesia.

Today we will visit the monkeys of Ubud in their almost untouched home, the monkey forest of Ubud. It takes you approximately 20 minutes with the scooter to get from the rice fields to the monkey forest of Ubud. Once you arrived you will already see some of our little friends hanging out on the street. And when I say hanging out I literally mean it.

You will see them all around the place. The interesting part here is that the humans and monkeys live peacefully together. Sure, I sometimes noticed that the monkeys tried to steal some food from the local supermarket but other than that there were no incidents. The locals confirmed me that the monkeys are peaceful and happy - as long as you give them food.

Having this in my mind we entered the forest. We had to pay an entrance fee of 50k per person, 50k IDR of course. Not EUR or USD. 50k IRD should be around 3€ and the money is used to save the forest and support the animals.

Once you entered the forest a guide explains you to hide all kind of plastic bags from the monkeys. They are almost drilled to grab these bags from you since they think they might contain some snacks for them. Furthermore, never look them straight in the eyes, NEVER touch a baby! The mother most certainly will become mad at you, trust me you don't want this to happen. Otherwise you will have a good time there. For some IDR you can buy bananas to feed the monkeys. I however kept a safe distance to them since they are still wild animals and I were busy taking pictures rather then feeding them.

Enjoy the pictures and say hello to our hairy friends!

Right now I'm in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and we will leave tomorrow to Langkawi! Anything you recommend I should see in Malaysia? Let me know!

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I was absolutely terrified when I went here! It’s incredible to see but definitely was a hairy experience for me.

Hey buddy, looks like 1st and the 9th pic are the same.

And seeing how there are no captions, I'm gonna do the honours. ;)

Epic Capshunz

  1. Classic distracting-your-friend-so-you-get-a-bite-from-their-plate trick can be seen pulled off here.
  2. When you're not sure whether to HODL or jump ship upon seeing the recent market.
  3. That pipe there makes it seem like it's a private toilet of the monkeys. lol
  4. Hanging out with the squad.
  5. When you see your post got upvoted by a gorilla (yep) and it's gone from $1 to $10.
  6. When you're caught in front of the fridge having midnight snacks. WHILE ON A DIET.
  7. When you're made to eat "fresh veggies" instead.
  8. Waiting for votes and comments on your article as soon as you hit the post button be like.
  9. "Seriously Tim, you couldn't tell me you were clicking a pic?" the monkey on the far right probably.

interesting :D :D


Nice photo:


I see I've inspired someone.


Love your captions here, too funny!

Thank you sunset~


haha this is so good lol!

It's what I do. 😂

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I remember visiting this place together with a friend where I have known in my former job in Japan. Just careful with your belongings because the monkey will get anything withn their reach to you like shades, drinking bottle etc. Great post @timsaid

Haha! That one of the monkey laying on the edge of that wall is great. Little lazy thing.

I'm a little scared of the monkeys since I've heard the news how one of them ate infants balls and ran away.
That was horrifying!

lol! Nightmare stuff

Monkeys knew that there is a great photographer nearby and started posing lol. I can say for sure they also wanted to participate in your vlog.
How bout you make another vlog in a month? I liked the previous one :d

They were definitely posing. I think if making a little drone video. Won’t be a Vlog but still a video. Let’s see, maybe a vlog will come too :)

In ubud, babies crying in the night hear what they hear and see people disappearing and disappearing. they explain that the strangers they did not know their doors stole and then suddenly disappeared. In the island where predominantly the Hindus live, these stories are often told and believed to be true. These were the things I heard before. Are these real ? What do you think about culture?
You really made a great sharing from where I was so curious. monkeys seem to be educated :))
you took great pictures. The compositions and the shooting qualities are very good.
As always, you are a successful photographer!

How beautiful! Well they share something in common with humans, only if they have food they are happy. Interesting to know how to relate to them so as not to interfere with their way of life. Excellent post Greetings.

Hi bro , want to visit ubud soon. Can you make a budget related post . Specialy the accomodation , safety , food , scooter costs and abything u like to add . Great photos btw. Keep them coming .

Monkeys are wonderful!

monkeys as they say are the most intelligent species after human beings

one vote your inspire me to creat something unblevleable


Most welcome

wow man its awesome photography of monkeys their movements

loving the monkeys!!

Beautiful photo!

Great job! I've never had a shot at monkeys but I know these are not easy shots. I like the last two pictures. The first picture is worth repeating in the sequence so I kind of assumed it's there on purpose. I assume you're using a zoom lens. Would you share any settings of your camera? Thanks!

I am waiting for your post in Lombok

Will come soon!

Whether you are still in Bali or already in Lombok. because I will march 31st to lombok

I’m in KL, Malaysia

Wow welcome to KL .
Do not forget to stop by our place

Enjoy the beauty of Bali and Lombok my friend

wow great photography @timsaid. you still now malaysia? Malaysia is a beautiful country, they have so many beautiful place. if you stay here 2 more day then i will recommend so many beautiful place. i will travels here for 15 days. its amazing.

Nice pictures! We'll be in Ubud next week but I already know we won't go to the monkey forest, I'm scared of so many monkeys in one place! We'll definitely check out the rice terraces though :)

I also like to travel...
nice photography, taken by an expert hand..
your content of the post is so informative for us..
thanks a lot for sharing your valuable post with us..
@upvote & @resteem has done..

Wonderful photograph, I appreciate this monkey

Wow, it looks really good in the forest. In addition, the monkeys should always be in contact with...

Have a nice holiday

Your writings are perfect and the photography is too enthusiastic...@timsaidz

hahahaahahah... its a monkey gang :P

you can join my channel on discord to promote your post here

looking nice and very emotional i feel it.
but you spend some time there how sweet the life of monkey.
thanks for great share.

Nice pictures!
I was in Ubud last year and also visited the Monkeys :)
It was nice to take me back!
Thank you for sharing

Cool pics, especially that last one.

the monkey was thinking why @timsaid captured my photo! may be he likes me! hahaha

Very cool article and great photos.
Good job 👍🏻

Awesome photography, sir. It’s so nice to see that the monkeys freely roam around the town and that there’s mutual respect between the humans and monkeys — though I think that the monkeys are really playful! Haha. Anyway, thank you for sharing these photos. Made me want to visit Ubud as well. :)

The other day monkey came into my apartment through the kitchen window. While they messed up my kitchen stuff and smuggled a lot of things away, now that I think back about it, it was real funny and I can't help laughing!

nice clickz& photograph..
@upvote &@resteem done


Very cool friends and adventures you find very good results

To travel and leave some personal things it's not that easy,even I am not privileged to travel and the beauty of nature I thank God for having you as a role model. Thanks for sharing.
Wanna be like you someday

Give Tama Negara a try in Malaysia. Been to KL, Cameron Highlands and Langkawi too but I have good memories to our 2 day jungle hike in Tama Negara

Thanks for the hint! I will check it

how beautiful.great job.I am waiting for your post.
upvote resteem done

Betapa lucu nya monyet monyet itu

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

That is so adorable. Good advice not to look them in the eye or touch a baby!! Everyone should know that, but there is always someone who thinks it’s cute to pet a baby. I saw a tourist doing that once in a herd of Highland Cattle in Scotland. The mother got mad and the whole herd stampeded. It could have been nasty, but luckily no one was hurt!

I would love to visit Bali and see those monkeys for myself. Thanks for taking me there!

People forget they are wild animals

Hope they didn't steal anything from you. haha. Great captures in different sceneries. What camera and lens did you use?

Nothing was stolen. I use a D750 and tamron 24-70 2.8

so you enjoyed with monkeys

Yes. Was a great experience

wow you have captured them beautifully :)

Nice pics, the monkeys are so funny!

They were chasing the dogs. That was funny to watch

yes i like :)

So cute!

[email protected], It's good post on photograohy about monkey! I enjoy your content and i appreciate for photo. Keep up the good work.
It's always nice to see good content here on Steemit

Thanks for the support my friend

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This makes me so impressed to travel and witness the beauty of nature!!!! You have done a great job!!!!

They are beautiful for me they are very intelligent although sometimes they tend to be aggressive, I have not gone to Malaysia I do not know places there I hope you meet and show us some place there, success in your trip

Great Monkey Photos!


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Los monos son muy astutos! en la última foto, estaban posando. Buen Post.
sigue disfrutando de estos lugares.

a very natural photo and in terms of its photo is amazing, bali is the most beautiful tourist area 👍

Thanks buddy! Bali was nice, but I prefer Lombok. It’s less touristic

I think there is no more intelligent and clever animal than the monkey, my mother-in-law even masturbates, ajajaj that monkey more crazy!

She does what? lol

I read what the translator wrote and I'm dead laughing, what I wrote was that my mother-in-law has a pet monkey and that monkey even masturbates, it's a crazy monkey... jajajaja google and his things

Awww you're in Malaysia! So jealous! Hope you have a safe trip :)

excellent post !! Congratulations

@timsaid ! check ur steemit.chat .. just put my no. there . whatsapp me

Hi @timsaid, I’m reading your post and I really enjoyed looking at these photos. Your #travel to Ubud and taking beautiful stunning pictures of rice #terraces are amazingly wonderful. They are so vivid and vibrant to look at. You take #photos so beautifully.

The monkeys are enjoying themselves eating morsel of #food and climbing on rocks and even on rooftops. It’s interesting to see how these monkeys are so quick and having an agile mind adept for survival just like humans.

All in all reading your post, I see that you’re passionate into #photography and loving it to be able to achieve those lovely photos. What camera did you use?

Last, I’ve never been in part of this world you’re traveling on, so I won’t be able to provide recommendations. Maybe I’ll get to travel there someday.

Good day sir, thanks for sharing this piece it was wonderful taking time to read, and above pictures are all nice will be looking forward for more

Good day sir.
Please am a newbie I just joined steemit this month and I posted my introductory this week, but I noticed I didn't receive attention on it, I don't know if there is any advice or help you can render @steemtab God bless

cute monkeys

wow....what a photography my friend
doing gerat job
nice photography
i like this photography
just amazing

in Malaysia, you can visit the bay of bahang on penang island, where it is still natural and beautiful beaches

The monkey of UBUD seems to pretty nice as long as you do not interfere with their business ;)

While you did managed to take some nice and pretty act on the spot images !

Dude, photos are great ✌🏽

Good post, good luck and have a good day :)

Amazing, I've seen in documentaries how local people respect monkeys, and are very daring and even steal from tourists, at least I've seen that they counted on TV. By the way, good photos, bro.


hi guys you are interesting this guy you have friends

nice post,,, animals that must be protected

yeah its interesting to see.. o they steel things from shops and houses ?

resimler güzel

Hi @timsaid

I am also get this photo when I went to monkey forest of Ubud in November 2016.

komen steemit.JPG

Come to Sabang, Aceh, recommended to travel ..

Hello all hairy friends.glad to see that they are living peacefully with human.

Hola @timsaid
Que nota con los monos
Te recomiendo saltar de playa en playa.
Son de aquellas de ensueño bañadas por aguas turquesas donde puedes estar durante horas y horas y donde ponerse las gafas de snorkel e ir en búsqueda de miles de peces de colores.
Las islas favoritas se encuentran en la costa este: Perenthian, Redang y Tioman.


Wow @timsaid, you have been to Bali my beautiful home :-) Awesome! Those monkeys are adorable! Have fun in Malaysia and check out the Batu Caves in KL.

Pretty cool life as monkey in indonesia :)

Wow amazing

Firstly I congratulate you.You extremely made an extraordinary sharing from where I was so inquisitive. monkeys appear to be instructed :))

you took incredible pictures. The organizations and the shooting characteristics are great.

As usual, you are an effective picture taker

Awesome travel! Rare opportunity...you are so lucky travelling the world...Nice monkey pics...

Nice photography of monkeys! You pass the great time in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

happy see monkey his life peacefully disana.moga the existence of monkey there no menggunya.biarkan mareka life peacefully there

Awwwww so cute!!!!

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yes it is one of the tourist attractions in our country Indonesia, indeed there is very impressed with the beautiful scenery and a very supportive atmosphere. 👍👍

The town of Ubud, in the uplands of Bali, Indonesia, is known as a center for traditional crafts and dance.

Ubud is great I loved the scootering around the epic rice fields so nice can be busy in areas like monkey temple

Que bellos, como todo animal siempre que se les trate bien no serán malos con nadie, gracias por compartir.

Great Pictures as usual 👌🏼
I am closely Following you @timsaid
I click on it as soon as I see “Tim Travels”

Cute monkeys and cool shoots!

This is a lovely site to behold. Nice photography of Monkeys. Great work!!!!!!!

Hi Tim,

the Ubud Monkey forrest is a great place - best if it is not so crowded. Thanks for the nice pictures and the memories - have to go back again.

Safe travel!

Amazing photos as always @timsaid, great that you travel so much. With your photo talent you will collect so many beautiful pictures for your self and years later will have a great time looking at them. I am sure.

I have been to Ubud already twice in my life and that place is amazing. Monkeys also love to steal plastic bottles from people and they sometimes climb on people's heads, but not actually harming anyone. Once a monkey climbed on me and tried to get into my pockets. That was so funny. Good that I did not have anything in my pockets :)) Thank you for great flashback.

What happens when you look them in the eyes?