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For many of us, it's Friday, the last day of the work week. Allow me to remind you that in the Northern Hemisphere, change is upon us.

Go outside and enjoy the remnants of Summer. Start to notice the subtle changes of Autumn

My attempt to display flowers you've never seen before...

Sometimes, I'm lazy and do not take the time to jot down the name of a flower...

This one was new for me - I must've been impressed as I did take the time to discover it's name...

Abutilon or Flowering Maple is good for attracting bees

I'll leave you with this more fall colored image.

In most of these images, I reduced the overall sharpness by using a Glamour Glow filter that also warms the images slightly. As they were handheld, no deep depth of field is present and I wanted to make them feel more impressionistic as opposed to technically crisp. I do appreciate the technically crisp images as well, but don't discount images if they're not looking like a prisma colored illustration.

Ironically, I went the the Denver Botanical Gardens just before going to photograph a derelict property on the other side of town. It's always a mystery as to who will be squatting there, the amount of new dumping and trash and if there's new graffiti or broken windows. This time, only one older gent laying down in the shade reading a book. He didn't seem concerned that I was there with a camera.

be well, Conrad ( @timelapse )

(verification link on my site:

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I really like that last shot, the lighting is so good!


Now that you mention it, I think it's also the one I prefer out of the bunch. I was considering using it as the thumbnail, but didn't think the small size would look as interesting as it does regular size.

Are the first and the second butterfly the same, different angle? I can't tell. Anyways, I really like the the second image of it.


Yes they certainly are - not sure I've noticed a butterfly that looked so different from either side (then again, I'm no entomologist) - agree and wish I had gotten a shot of that underside but straight on as it looks quite interesting.


I like the angle and the bokeh of the second one. Pretty.

Awesome shots, I like the first and last ones best. Hard to choose my favorite, but probably the last one.
💋 @halo 💋😇