The Sony A7III Experience 🔥 | Sigma 85mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art Lense review📷

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Sigma 85mm art-7.jpg

👑The king of portraits👑

The first lense i bought for my Sony A7III was the versatile 24-70mm f/2.8 GM. After using this for about 3 months i wanted a lense specifically for doing portraits. At the beginning i was looking at the Sony 85 1.4 GM, but then Sigma released some amazing news. They were going to adapt their Art prime lenses to native E mount. And the price of the Sigma 85mm 1.4 Art lense was about half the price of the Sony 85mm 1.4GM so i went for it.

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Key Stats:
Lens TypePrime
Focal Length85 mm (Crop sensor: 127mm)
ApertureMax: f/1.4 Min: f/16
Diaphragm Blades9
Filter Thread86 mm
Dimensions94,7 x 126,2 mm
Weight1130 g

Sigma 85mm art-3.jpg

Sigma 85mm art-4.jpg

Sigma 85mm art-2.jpg

Sigma 85mm art-5.jpg

Sigma 85mm art-6.jpg

Okey so first thing about this lense, it's a beast. 1130g of pure glass and metal with a comfy rubber grip, now that is even more than the Sony 24-70 GM. But it for sure got the picture quality to "whey" up for it. If you want a 85mm lense that is lighter i would recommend Sony's 85mm 1.8 with a weight of only 371g, which is super nice if you're okey with a 1.8 aperture.

The first thing i wanted to test out was the autofocus since it was my first Sigma lense i was a bit anxious to see if it was as spot on as my 24-70, specially since i was going to use it in my first wedding shoot the coming weekend. I can absolutely say that it delivered the goods ( take a look at the sample pictures at the end). Using the lense with Sony's EYE-AF worked like a dream running around the wedding snapping portraits.

If you got any questions about the Sigma lense, Sony A7III or photography in general just post in the comments, it's always fun with some photography talk 😃

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TheStig Out ✌

Ps: Here are some sample photos from the A7III with the Sigma 85mm 1.4 Art that i quickly optimized in adobe lightroom.(Size reduced for upload) Model: @Kristinbr

Sigma 85mm art-5.jpg

Sigma 85mm art-2.jpg

Sigma 85mm art-1.jpg

Sigma 85mm art-3.jpg

Sigma 85mm art-4.jpg

Sigma 85mm art-6.jpg


nice dress.. . .

waaw this is such a majestic lense 😊😊 enjoy and have fun with photography!

It sure is 👍Thank you, that i will 😃

Wow cool lense, nice idea about testing the before using for coverage.

Thank you, yeah dont want to get home and 90% of pictures are unfocused 😅

Colorful photos !!!
A unique device)

Thank you 😁

Bro, that's a wonderful lens. I dream of having such equipment in the future but as of now, I am fine with my fairly cheap Nikon DSLR and kit lens. I'll just practice and hopefully get gigs so I can save for a better camera and lens wooooh

Thank you! Everybody have to start somewhere, i started with a canon 400D and kit lense. Master the basics and you will take amazing photos with every camera 😃keep on working! 👍

I am stunned by your photography skills. can you please tell how do you insert those emoticons in your blog because i too wanted to insert them in my blogs.

Thank you so much for the nice feedback! of course, just click this link and you will find a list of emojis. Then you can just copy and past as needed 👍

thankyou this was really helpful.😀

What a nice lens, with perfect bokeh ! Enjoy your stuff a congratz for the really beautiful pictures

Thank you so much! ✌ Yeah really love the bokeh of this lense, amazing subject isolation.

The entire Art Series is beyond good! I do have the DX 50-100 1.8f and 18-35mm 1.8f. Monsters but worth the weight^^

For sure worth the weight! Checked out your steem, you really got some amazing photos😃👍

very nice and beautiful photogaphy. keep it up
upvote for upvote @thestig

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