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I have not done music by day posts for a while but got the urge to do one today. Fridays in the past have been party and rock music but with lock down I am afraid you party with water and whoever is locked in the house with you.

Funky Town - Lipps Inc

Man does this tune take me back !! So the latter part of my day these days is to take a comfortable seat outside, pour a drink (last tonight then I am high and dry) and catch up on the cryptocurrency news... with my camera alongside me to snap any decent bird shots I can

That's me and a couple of dead Adidas running shoes ... this was an accident but I rather liked it

I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor

Cape Robin feasting on a worm he found

Fly Robin Fly - Silver Convention

Yup, all these songs come from memory .... no Google required.

Fiscal Flycatcher, him and his mate moved in recently. Easy to confuse the flycatcher for the Fiscal Shrike

That last song really reminded me why I was into rock and not mainstream 'pop' music ... eishhhhh...but one more of that ilk which will have many baby boomers reaching for their partners and disco'ing around the floor.... (disco'ing ??? is there such a word?)

I Feel Love - Donna Summer

Enough party'ing ..... for those of you who have never had the pleasure of listening to Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwoʻole ... lend an ear.... this man was revered in Hawaii and the day of his passing is still a public holiday

Somewhere over the Rainbow - Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwoʻole

I hope you enjoyed the music... diverse and not a rock in sight {sulk} ... maybe we will rock Saturday...stay safe and thank you for stopping by !!



Didn't see you too often lately, guess as you stated: You didn't do music posts for a while. Are you at the other side? Steem's offspring chain?

Howdy buds !! Nope, not hiving at all .... I am afraid I am going to sully the Steemit pages with another music post later today.... In this lock down period I am trying to accomplish the impossible as regards a woodworking project (hmmmm, may build that into my blog) and while doing that a band popped into my head that I have not heard for a long time. @rhyvinn advised how I can get on there, so shall try do a dual post later today!!

For the record I appreciate your stopping by and your support .... fark it gets lonely here sometimes {grin}

Hahaha, Steem seems to be almost about no interaction anymore. Justin Sunny Boy decided some time ago to censor the statistics post by several (ex-)Steemians. The last I've seen, the number of comments to post ratio was far below 1. Pffff. At the other side its a bit better. Not that great as well, as I wrote in my last post (to which I'm the only one responding other than the christian spamming bot). Got you with your first (well second) post in HIVE already! Super you made that (partially) jump! :)

The thing is.... at present Hives are worthless. Steem although a fading asset still has some value and I believe will be dragged along if we have an epic BTC run after the halving. So I will continue to try and maximize Steem {shrug} ... a man must do what a man must do !! whilst establishing myself on Hive

Yep, am also not someone running away from Steem. TRON has marketing power, thats for sure. That said, am in powerdown, but dont trade my liquid Steem (yet).

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