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RE: First children and family photographer on Steemit. A bit of my journey so far, from Architectural Visualization Artist to Photographer. Part 1 of 4

There are some amazing shots here! So adorable too. I have to admit I'd be scared trying to get photos of children - seems like a bit of a dark art to me! They are all outstanding and very creative. My favourites are number 3, 5 and the final one (going down form the top). How did you get the baby to look straight at the camera in the last one?


She's my daughter, so I was following her around the house with my camera waiting for the perfect moment. I was using a 24mm 1.8 and a film camera, this photo is 11 years old. The 24mm + SLR make a large combo, so maybe she was just curious looking at the camera.

These are all photos of my daughter. Very personal and initmate, nothing dark about it. :)

Thanks for commenting.

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