First children and family photographer on Steemit. A bit of my journey so far, from Architectural Visualization Artist to Photographer. Part 1 of 4

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I had this 3D visualization company for almost 10 years when I burned out completely. I was dedicating to many time to that business and not getting anywhere. We had just had our first Daughter, Gabi, I became more and more interested in photography and wondering about make it my profession.

Photography was an old passion and I just loved making these photos, writing and studying them. Children's photography seemed natural to me. I was literally taking 1000s of photos of my little daughter every week.

Before diving head first into this new world I decided to start a blog and put the idea out there. I was blogging about my passion, giving tips, tutorials and letting people (and the universe) know about my intentions. This was back in 2006 and the Blog was written in Portuguese (I was still living in Brazil at that time). I remember my first post being about passion passion and following my dreams.

I started documenting my journey, showing my art to the world and things went really well from there.

It is all about passion and love for what you do. Things fall into place once you have this figured out.

This is Part 1/5. I don't want make this too long. So, here are some of my early photos. They show Gabi at different ages on some very intimate moments.

I've used a variety of cameras for these photos. From a Film Pentax to digital Nikon and Pentax DSLRs

I will talk more about equipment later.

Hope you enjoy it.



PS. If I'm not the first one here, please point me out the other photographers and I will add their links here.
Photos are all original content . Copyright Daniel Nobre 2005-2016

I think that children's inspire us in all directions. And all we do for them, becomes much more beautiful.

Very good shots!

There are some amazing shots here! So adorable too. I have to admit I'd be scared trying to get photos of children - seems like a bit of a dark art to me! They are all outstanding and very creative. My favourites are number 3, 5 and the final one (going down form the top). How did you get the baby to look straight at the camera in the last one?

She's my daughter, so I was following her around the house with my camera waiting for the perfect moment. I was using a 24mm 1.8 and a film camera, this photo is 11 years old. The 24mm + SLR make a large combo, so maybe she was just curious looking at the camera.

These are all photos of my daughter. Very personal and initmate, nothing dark about it. :)

Thanks for commenting.

beautiful shots.

Children have a natural essence of purity to them, you have done a fabulous job at capturing this in each of your photographs. Great work!

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