Street Art of Portland, Oregon: Part 4steemCreated with Sketch.

in photography •  last year


✨"City United, Country United"✨ a fantastic stentiment.




You"ll see many examples of painted traffic circles around Portland. Not easily captured due to size and location but had to try with my favorite beautiful bee mandala.misc art.jpg


If you enjoyed these pictures please consider posting some Art from your city! Make sure to let me know and post a link in the comments below.

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Interesting shots.


Thanks for looking!

Your photos look great! I've never seen most of these, and I live in Portland.

I went out looking for street art with my nephew last week. I've also got some street art from Quito, Ecuador.


My partner works for Grubhub, Caviar, Amazon, Lyft, and Uber, basically any "make money on your own schedule" via App job that's out there. Sometimes I go along, so I literally drive all over town and back. Its been like a fun scavenger hunt game to find them all : )


If you're looking for a different kind of hunt, we're hosting a treasure hunt in Portland right now.

The prize is about $50 in ETH. All are welcome.


That is such a fun idea! I'll be on the lookout... checking out storm-drains (which is my best guess from the clue). Thanks!!

amazing ! thanks for sharing <3


Thanks for the Re-steem : ) Checked your content and am now following!

Wow those are so awesome, i widh fhey let all the grafitti artist take over our streets and clean up the other vandals that make the wall messy! Like here in Los angeles, its mostly names and gang names! Very pointless, but those are beautiful


Yea, there's still a lot of that here. If you look at the first picture you can see black parts that go over the painting. that are just covering inconsiderate tags. I wish all cities had programs for "beautification" I think it's great for tourism and honestly moral when you have such a shiite mayor :P

Portland has grand niece lives there... somewhere


@in2itiveart, I don't know why but my reply notifications have been off for over a week... Anyways if you ever come visit her let me know! Would love to meet up and show you around : )


that would be very cool! Thanks for the invite. I can't really go anywhere right now, but maybe someday. I am still working on the tarot thing - it is HARD. But good. I am having some experiences with it. Wheel of Fortune...I made a sigil to get me started. As we move into the shadow of mercury rx I might be able to go back into it more readily... how about you? Are we ready to post our contest? Or wait till we both have a piece done?

Amazing. Some people are really talented artists. Great photos!

Why go to an expensive gallery if you could just walk outside and enjoy art!


Right?! There's quite a few galleries but they're all pretty stuffy.... nothing exciting or new. That's what happens when you pander to people who actually have money to spend on art 😋