Colorful Stones (@tegoshei's Photographer at Heart Series #17)

in photography •  12 days ago 

Hello beautiful people! ^^
I'm back with a new entry for my Photographer at Heart Series.

The photos that you're about to see are taken a several nights back when I and my family parents, aunts and cousins) went to Sky Park at night. I actually have more night photography shots, but for this entry, I would like to show you some pictures of the same subject... only that the light changes every time. <3

I hope you enjoy these simple yet colorful pictures.





I know that the subject of my photography is just random and may not make sense at times, but there will always be beauty even in nothingness. <3

I'll share more pictures which were taken on the same day soon... but I need enough time to edit or even create blog posts. I'm tired... and my energy doesn't improve. T_T Anyway, I'll do my best!

Thanks for dropping by! See you again. (^_^)v

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