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RE: My Edmonton: No rest for the wicked, a showcase of my adopted hometown

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I think we have all had periods where we go overboard with our voting I do it often myself LOL
I have never been to Edmonton, but now I want to after this greta post,, what a beautiful city and so much to see,

I would be har dpressed to list favorites of the photos in this post, but that Firefighter memorial is up there for sure


I'm glad I'm not the only one, I brought my power down to almost 65% by accident!! I feel bad about splitting my big penny vote under the current prices so I go full force on everyone.

This place is no NY but it's got soul. So many unique features when you look at all the little things. My uncle is a retired fire marshal for the city of Red Deer so I like and appreciate any memorabilia around the subject. The old station is now used for the saturday farmers market (the biggest one in the city). I'm glad you enjoyed it and hope you get to visit us one day. Thanks for stopping by!

I have done that and worse, one day for some reason my default vote switched to 100% without me noticing it, I was voting away and suddenly noticed I was down to 10% took so long to build it back up

NO place is NYC it is truly unique but I do believe every city has its own charms ;)

LMAO, that's too funny. That's one heck of a vote hang-over! You are absolutely right, every city has it's own special features no matter how big or small.

LOL Ohh yeah, I was voting away and then looked and saw my vote power so Low and I was how the heck did that happen I thought I had been hacked, but it was just my foolishness LOL

The only time it ever happened to me was after HF20, With one vote took away like 80% of my voting power, took forever to recover that!

Ohh yes I remember that happened to most of us