My Mobile Photography #1 : Red Light at Night-mood !

in #photography4 years ago

Hi ! Steemit friends,

From now I will share my another creative hobby which is photography :)

I am expert in mobile photography

Today I share Beautifull red lights at night-mood

The Source files, It is Symphony R100 sizes, Hope you like, Have a nice day!
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Thank you!


Nice shots :)

hun, this guy just runs around yelling cornholio all the time he's just trying to be funny. more annoying though :)

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Very cool set of photographs. I Like it. up-voted.

thanks keep me up vote

Reminds me of falling stars for some reason 👍😊💕

Nice post @swtcamito beautiful photos :) greetings!

Congratulations for the quality of your post, it was chosen among the posts to be upvoted on Steemit Community Quality Support. Thanks for sharing!

I gave you the upvote because I like the idea, but I would hope for the next time to see a description of what these shots represent for you. To the next. :)

@swtcamito jogajog korar kono way ace???

Wonderfully minimalist and artistic. :)

thanks dear

Nice one! Upped

Cool, I like the affect