Pupping season at Horsey Gap (Photography)

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Sod's law, I've taken a few days off work this week but have spent much of it feeling rotten with a heavy cold. However, against my best judgment I decided to head out into the cold yesterday to see the seals at Horsey Gap on the Norfolk Coast. I often see seals just off our local beach but they very rarely seem to head onto the beach which is I guess down to us annoying dog walkers. Horsey is well known for being a favourite of the seals and is where many head to have their pups.

It has been a while since I've headed out with the camera and its nearly two years since I went to Horsey. I think we visited around March/April time previously and although there were lots of seals, the pups had matured. That wasn't the case on this trip as seals seemed to be popping out all over the place!

I parked the car (£3 for two hours) and headed for the dunes. Much of Horsey is roped off but visitors are directed by a team of volunteers who keeps both visitors and the seals safe. I was greeted by an awesome view the moment I arrived! Mum was keeping a close eye on her pup.


There seemed to be new little families spread about all over the place! The new born pups are covered in white fur.



I found this newborn a little way from its mother. It was playing, digging its way into the sand and reminded me of a puppy dog.



I fancied a little black and white and thought the contrasting shades in this photo would do the trick.


A chalk board located in the carpark suggested over 1000 seals had been born so far this season. I'm not sure I'd fancy the job of trying to count them! This was the view looking south.


This little one had found its way up onto the dunes. Pretty amazing as they're a good 10 ft above the level of the beach. It was old enough to have lost its new born fur and was turning grey.


Mum was resting close by. I assume this was the route the pup had taken to get onto the dunes. The pup was balanced on the mound to the left.


This one decided to strike a pose for me.


This one decided to power up on the cuteness level...


...and this one seemed to have a massive grin on its face.


The evenings a drawing in really early these days so I was treated to some lovely views across the landscape looking inland.



A not so pleasant view was this seal which had managed to get some form or ring around its neck. Thankfully an eagle eyed visitor had spotted it and notified the wardens. I understand the RSPCA were called to come and assist it. There were examples of this last year with frisbees and local stores stopped selling them. We need to be more careful with the items we lose or discard. It isn't right that nature should pay the price for our stupidity and ignorance.



Aaawww.. the newborn seal is too cute! Lovely photos of the seals and there are so many of them! Is it worrying that they are quite far away from the sea? Do they get stranded? And I love the photos of the sky too. Such amazing colours!

They’re quite happy in or away from the sea. Some were taking shelter in a World War 2 pill box which was a good few 100 meters from the shore line. Seem to become very strong and resilient quickly when left to their own devices.

Ah no wonder. They have evolved very well. Thank you for sharing and happy weekend to you! :)

Fabulous pictures!
Horsey Gap looks really interesting. I wonder what the seals make of the humans messing about on their beach?

They don’t seem to pay much attention but scatter to the sea if you get too close. The beach is out of bounds this time of year when they are pupping. Then pups on the dunes just keep an eye on you. The wardens are very good at making sure they are fenced off so visitors can’t get too close.

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Great pics. Good to see the seals are thriving there. We get too much bad news about wildlife. Did you take the kids with you?

Not this time around as there were at school. I think we may take a trip over Christmas as they’ve not been when the very young pups have been around.

I'm sure they would love it, but they must be used to seeing seals now. Lots of opportunities to see wildlife by the sea.

That beauty! Great shots! Thanks for sharing. Cheers @stav

Thank you :)

1000 seals were born!
Although as you say, someone commits one ...
It is good that they have noticed, and the baby received help.
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Thank you and thanks for stopping by.

Some great close-ups you got there, big lens?

All but the colour landscape were taken with a cheap 75-300mm. The ones that are very close are due to the seals being within 10 meters, others that are on the beach have been cropped. My camera is 20.2 mega pixel so I can chomp quite a bit off.

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Hello Hello!

Aww♡ They look so cute, really, animals are a very beautiful gift

Greetings from Venezuela

Hello Venezuela! They’re fantastic creatures ... but they do smell bad.