New York, New York --- Streets of New York (4 great & original Pictures)

in photography •  2 years ago

New York is for sure one of the greatest cities on our planet.
It´s more than just worth a visit, it´s a city you eventually want to stay forever.

Therefore, as I took a bunch of pictures during my last trip there, I want to share them with you in a short series of some Posts including the best of them.
So let´s start with the Streets of New York today!





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thanks a lot @mxzn :)

I never been in New


Then it´s time for you to hop on the next airplane ;) You won´t regret a visit to this amazing city :)

nice photos
I started following you now
If you are you you can visit my steemit and follow me too


Hey there @khairulfajri, thanks a lot for stopping by at my Post :) I´m glad you like those pictures of random New York City streets :)

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