When markets crash I always like to take a long walk :)

in #photography3 years ago

When markets crash or if I open the wrong position I always like to take a looong walk...and nature helps a lot, always helped.

adventure park 1.JPG

Somehow seems like the green color works like a charger to me…also my good old friend Pokemon…yes I know it’s not the smartest game ever…but keeps my mind busy with other things.

Good thing I have a little adventure park nearby, right under my nose !

adventure park 2.JPG

adventure park 3.JPG

adventure park 4.JPG

adventure park 5.JPG

adventure park 6.JPG

Have a little faith, focus on positive things and always ALWAYS HAVE FUN :) !


Unfortunately faith has nothing to do with it

Agree but "if you're afraid to cross a street" a car will hit you for sure...

Thats ridiculous...when you cross the street do you close your eyes and have faith
Here is an article I just wrote you maybe interested in

When I cross the street my account is always hedged :)))

Exactly....no faith involved

Sell so I can buy more later 😂

Thats the spirit

That park looks great , dang wish that was near me.

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Kind of a nice way to forget the stuff that happends around :)
that pokemon who ever has actually got a lot of peeps out of the sofa, so il guess hes smarter then most think ;) :P

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