Ricardo's makes a great chili rellenos, so sometimes I stop and treat myself!

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I treated myself to some chili rellenos, since we have a place in Tulsa that knows how to make a good relleno!
These are obviously cheese rellenos, and they have been serving them here for forty years.

Slip in some fresh made salsa, and some guacamole; and you have a meal!

They also fresh squeeze the lemons to make their lemonaid.

The secret to good rellenos is in the pepper used. These are Anaheim peppers, and they are harder to fill; but they cook faster. This allows them to be cooked and removed before they get bitter. The Pablano pepper is thicker walled, and bulkier; reaulting in longer cooking time. Rellenos can be made with Pablano peppers, but they always end up bitter when cooked.

So, ask about the pepper used to make the rellenos. If it's Anaheim peppers, they are safe to order! I never have eaten a bad relleno made with an Anaheim pepper.

I sure left full!


Such cases call for either a sufficient balance at dustsweeper, or a self upvote, or a delegation to dustbunny, for the few whom can still delegate and are not afraid from doing so due to irreversibility.
I do not consider it malpractice, when one upvotes own content the last, especially when it is needed to surpass the 0.02$ threshold.

I do dustsweeper, its just prudent, but activity here is really lower than before the split to hive. But I have friends here, so I keep posting to keep in touch.

Pure hard headedness, but it does beat tte hell out of facebook, ROFLOL!


I believe that your deposits at dustsweeper are too low on STEEM.
You only get its votes on the cloned platform.

They usually message me for funds, but I will check, thanks. Messages do work on the cloned platforms, I'm surprised they don't work here!

I like dustsweeper, they work well.


IDK what sort of messages you referred to.
You should have replenished your dustsweeper balance, but not to the extent that you did.
I also noted some sort of a cap on SBD worth in it at 2$ which hints for me that it would have been wiser to send STEEM instead of SBD to it, but I may be wrong.

They used to send me a note when my balance got low. Apparently they no longer do that. It Is disappointing that so many posts need dustsweeper to make anything on steemit! I will try steem dollars next time, but ten dollars means I don't need to do this as often.

Be blessed!


It Is disappointing that so many posts need dustsweeper to make anything on steemit!

And on hive too.
and the bunny too, not just the sweeper, on both, and still many posts are truncated to zero, which brings me to request from you to help me bring this comment's rewards above the 0.02$:

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I went to the link, but it wants information I'd have to look up, and you're already at thd $0.02 level.

I never intended to vote less than 100%; just doesn't seem honest. Blogging is fun for me, and not a source of income, so I just talk to friends.

I understand that $10 is a lot for dustsweeper. Since their warning system is suspect, it seemed prudent. Hopefully, by the time this runs out; they will have fixed that problem. Besides, messing with dustsweeper isn't a bit of fun; so this way I'll only have to do it occasionally.

Keep on posting, and Have FUN!


that must be so tasty and yummy meal

One of my favorite meals! Melts on my tongue, and makes me smile....

Their guacamole is as good as my own, and their salsa is better. I think it's the fresh cilantro, I only have the dried herb.


Hi there sir, this looks like something I would surely want to try, will you get me some ? :D

Sure, if I send it by steemit, it should arrive hot, right?

This Is really good, but it us a long drive for just food; so I eat when there are other reasons to make the drive. Keeps me from getting fat, ROFLOL!


Haha yeah steemit is super fast and I don't know why I have said that lol

Yes, you need to stay un-fat so that you can always be quick to the food drives and keep us updated, I always love to see that activity

I wish it worked that way, it would be fun to share!

Too busy to get fat, LOL! still have lots to do to get moved, while I take card of my wife. But sometimes I manage to find some food....


Keep doing whatever you can and stay us updated, we need massive food drives around the world, if only the people who had all the resources could initiate such drives all over, I don't think anyone would be sleeping hungry

The globalists want 90% of us dead, by their own statements, and they are destroying food in the field so many people will starve.

They would rather rule in hell, than to serve in heaven.


That is sad, if they want to rule they want most of us gone then. I hope they get trapped in their own dirty tactics

They know that globally they can't control that many people, so the solution is obviously the kill 90% of them; then you have a controllable number.

It's kind of ironic that a 250 year old piece of paper is the only thing standing between them and world domination right now. They just can't get around the Second Amendment the US Constitution. It is the only significant threat to them taking over, they must rule over an unarmed population! So they're doing what they can to weaken it, and they're trying to add enough judges to the Supreme Court that they can overrule it. That in itself is not constitutional....

So we find ourselves at an impasse, either they dispose of the Second Amendment and win, or we are forced to dispose of them when they come after us in our homes. I hope that's not the case but I don't see a third option.

Sadly if the US goes down, there'll be nothing left to stop them; and the globalist take over the whole world. We do live in interesting times!