Where Eagles Fly : Lake Country ~ Above the Uinta Mountains of Eastern Utah

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A strikingly deep blue sky is punctuated by a high layer of Cirrus clouds and a collection of brilliant fluffy Nimbostratus clouds in this image of the Wasatch National Forest I lensed while flying and exploring the area along the border of the First Nations Uintah-Ouray Reservation in eastern Utah. 

Located in both northeastern Utah and southwestern Wyoming, the Wasatch National Forest covers an area of 905,724 acres (1,415.2 sq mi, or 3,365.3 km² ).  

Wasatch National Forest Wilderness

The name Wasatch means "Low place in high mountains" in the First Nations Ute language and this area of the forest is known locally as Lake Country due to the mountainous lakes spread around the numerous meadows in this part of the Uinta Mountains. 

This image below is of a small nameless pond in a meadow near Lambert Meadow (below left side of this image) on the border of the Uintah-Ouray Reservation. This area is teeming with wildlife;  bear, elk, moose, deer and mountain goats along with mountain lions, cougars, bobcats, coyotes, fox, porcupines, raccoons, beaver, badgers, rabbits, weasels and pika are all occupants of this beautiful mountain wildlife habitat.

Pond Near Lambert Meadow

These are beautiful lush lands, rich in natural resources that were prized by the First Nations Northern Ute Tribe. They lived as a nomadic mountain people, ranging throughout this area extensively, following the cycle of the seasons to hunt game, fish in the mountain streams and pond/lakes and gather various berries, nuts and roots. In the mid 1600s they gained access to horses which allowed them to travel over a more extensive area. 

Spectacle Lake Near Haystack Mountain

This image above is of Spectacle Lake, one of a series of many lakes located at the southern base of Haystack Mountain. 

For temporary homes, the Utes built small brush structures they called wickiups or in some instances used the more formal tipis which they carried from camp to camp. In this culture family was the center of Ute life and included immediate and extended family members.

Originally, Ute tribes were organized into numerous bands, or groups made up of families. Each band lived in a general territory which was respected by the other bands. All the bands would meet up periodically throughout the year to celebrate their religion and participate in traditional customs such as the Bear Dance.  

These images are from my project "Where Eagles Fly". 

About The Project 

Where Eagles Fly - The American Wilderness Expedition is my personal mission to introduce people to these amazing locations that surround us. I am piloting a bush plane while exploring and filming throughout the remote back-country areas of North America to raise awareness of the 47% of the USA and 90% of Canada that remain unpopulated wilderness. 

About The Author 

My name is Zedekiah Morse and I'm a Bush Pilot, Photographer, Explorerand Filmmaker. I live in the Rocky Mountains and devote my time and resources to exploring as much of the world as I can by air. 

If you wish to watch a short film detailing how I do my work and this project, go here

Thank you for your support and Yehaw!!     

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This is Amazing <3 keep smiling stay blessed :)

it's amazing, seeing the landscape from above .. very beautiful ..

Now, the Wasatch I HAD heard about, but you've brought to life. Must be a reason you're a 70!

Looks so wonderful, just a little similar to Italy!
But the Spectacle Lake Near is absolutely gorgeous, could really imagine camping next to it <3

What an amazing sky, as always in your photos! Today we have a holiday, there was a parade. Showed the latest developments of aircraft and aerobatics. A terrific sight.