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Awesome to see you venturing outside of your comfort zone! Your photography journey has clearly been going really well in the last few months! Looks like you've got the technical side to a really good place, what I notice from the best sports togs is once they get past the technical it becomes about waiting for the shots to happen, being in the right place and setting up a shot knowing that a car/bike/person/other sports related thing will come into frame and finish the shot off. Well, that and a bit of good old fashioned luck! Awesome work :)

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Thank you very much, and nice to see you, it's been a while! Sport photography is definitely a waiting game and one should have the camera ready at all times. We were laughing quite a few times when I did put the camera down, always something a little more interesting happened. I just told people around me that I put it down for them so they could see something fun 😅😂