Cat named Pekka

in photography •  11 months ago 

Pekka is male cat, enjoy being very much in outdoor.

1 year old :)


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Hello friend, pekka is my pet and I will take him along with me, look at his facial expression, is not that cute. Can you share more shots of "pekka"

Thank you...steem on and stay blissful....


Pekka is Black/cray cat not easy to take good pictures. He moves a lot, his sister Princessa are more calm and can take easier pictures :)

Need daylight for a better pictures (Huawei P8 lite camera).


Pekka is very scary when hearing loud or weird noises.

ps. Social media users, please do not abandon black cats because is harder to take a good pictures for social media. He is some prove why to I made my advice

Very nice looking cat!
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