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Hey guys, today I've put together some images of the main conference venue of steemfest:

Tobacco Theater

I was so flashed about all the details and I cannot remember being at a place like this before. It was a fantastic choice by @roelandp and the steemfest orga-team.

Thanks again for this outstanding experience!

Thanks for watching!
You can checkout the website of Tobacco Theater here!

P.S.: I started to follow all the participants of steemfest with the help of this list by @arcange.
You might also want to check them out, cause these people were all pretty awesome!

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Not to forget about the doorkeeper, who not only was the most friendly and helpful door-guy I've met, but also after @felixxx told him what steemit is all about, was very interested and even wore the steemfest scarf after his shift.

The doorkeeper was really a cool guy! :)

That's just great photography! Thank you for compiling it for the rest of us who couldn't make it there! I've shared your post in mine! Thanks for making it to the fest and supporting the event! :)

Thanks for your feedback and thanks for mentioning my post. It was absolutely spectacular and a real pleasure to have been part of it.

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Thanks for sharing these impressions. The venue was a super special place, love the decor!

You're welcome, it was really outstanding.